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3 LOOKS – Leather Jacket

I’ve been thinking of what my next post should be about and the question going around in my head was “What do real women like me want to know or need help with?” Well I’m always trying to find ways to expand my wardrobe but as I don’t have an unlimited clothing budget (insert a sigh here) when I buy something new I want and need to get numerous wears out of it. So I try and think about what I already own that can be mixed and matched so that it looks different every-time I wear it. If you need any convincing that I like to get my money’s worth out of anything I purchase then check out my Instagram feed and you will see how many different ways I have worn the Bohemian Traders Oversized striped dress. Wit that in mind I’ve decided to do an ongoing series of posts called “3 Looks” – each post will feature one item of clothing either brand new or from my wardrobe worn in 3 distinct ways. Hopefully this will help others get more use out of what is already hanging in their closets.

First item to receive the “3 LOOKS” treatment is my new (old) leather jacket. The new (old) refers to the fact that this is ‘new’ for me but was actually purchased from Rachel at Redcliffe Style as she was de-cluttering her fabulous wardrobe – a win for me. For those of you that follow Rachel you will know how fabulous her wardrobe is.

So with the help of my alternate photographer (my 15yr old son) and in between the rain and drizzle that we have experienced today. I have put together 3 LOOKS with my ‘new’ (old) leather jacket using items that I already had in my closet – the only exception to this is the last look but in my defence the dress from The Iconic was only $12.00 so that doesn’t count.

LOOK 1 – this would be I’m going out on the town outfit. I’ve teamed my ‘new’ leather jacket with a fabulous red fitted dress that I purchased to wear at my daughters wedding a year and a half ago. I’ve added some black patent stiletto’s and a leopard clutch (as you will see I’m slightly addicted to animal print but I try and use it as a highlight rather than a whole outfit. As my biggest fear with animal print is that I will look like mutton dressed as lamb, not a look any women wants). I have kept my jewellery to a minimum only adding my favourite Michael Kors watch and some silver and black bracelets.

Outfit – red dress (Witchery), leopard clutch (Sussan) and shoes

LOOK 2 – one of my favourite and comfortable looks, blue jeans and a white shirt. I thought that this would be the perfect outfit to add my ‘new’ leather jacket to. I think this is such a classic look and never steers me wrong. To add interest I have added textures and layers with a patterned scarf and my leopard boots (see I told you I have an addiction). The jeans that I’m wearing are from Sussan’s (one of my favourite stores) and are such a great fit, I suffer from short leg syndrome and find it very hard to find a pair that I don’t have to get altered. Every season I buy another pair to add to my collection (these are only a couple of months old), the other plus I find is that they fit around the waist. So often they fit in the legs but the waist is too big and you spend  your whole time hiking up your pant so that you don’t have that undies as outer wear look – a look that should only be on the young and even then I struggle with it (definitely starting to sound like my mother).

Outfit – distressed jeans (Sussan), white shirt (Witchery), scarf (Seed Heritage) and leopard boots (Zara)

LOOK 3 –  and this is what I wore to work today. Wearing a maxi dress in winter can sometimes be a bit tricky so I have kept the colour pallet very simple and gone with all black. I’ve added the ‘new’ leather jacket with a simple black maxi, a statement necklace, I could have also added a printed scarf but decided on the necklace and a pair of black ballet flats. It appears that the ladies that I work with all got the wear ‘all black’ memo today maybe the black reflected our mood towards the drizzly weather.

Outfit – black maxi (currently on sale at the Iconic), statement necklace (also currently on sale at the Iconic) and ballet flats.

I loved to know what you think and what item in your wardrobe you find the easiest to create multiple looks with.

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  • Karen – IG Styleloving2

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    • Karen – IG Styleloving2