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I think we all have certain items in our wardrobe that we love and find ourselves reaching for again and again.

For me I have fallen hard for anything Off the Shoulder and Drop Crotch.

If I’m honest neither of these are items that I owned a couple of years ago.

Firstly I had not yet made peace with a strapless bra.

Big boobs and finding the right bra have always been an issue for me, now while age has provided me with quite a few grey hair and wrinkles it has also given me acceptance of my body and all its weird and wonderful wobbly bits.

I think off the shoulder is one of the most flattering styles for a women.

No matter what shape or size you are shoulders are one of the most beautiful parts of the female body and I’m all for showing them off.

Bigger upper arms run in the family, my grandmother stopped wearing sleeveless tops once she hit 55. I’m determined to not stop wearing them but I’ll be honest sometimes I feel better with them covered. So the frill on the this top is perfect for me.

Secondly I was scared to step out of my comfort zone in relation to the whole drop crotch situation.

Wow how this has changed.

I nervously purchased my first pair of Bohemian Trader khaki drop crotch pants a couple of years ago, worried that a 40+ mother of 4 would look ridiculous.

But you know what I love wearing them, they are super comfortable and I actually don’t care what anyone else thinks, I feel good and that is all that matters.

I now own 6 pairs and the love affair is showing no signs of waning.

So imagine my excitement when I opened my parcel from Bohemian Traders to find ‘a couple of my favourite things’.

The Camellia Long Sleeve Frida Top  is a beautiful A/W version of the off the shoulder trend – it has long sleeves (I’ve pulled mine up below) and tassel ties (I have left mine loose but you can also tie them in a bow if you want the tassels to sit higher on the body).

The monochrome print is gorgeous and will look fabulous with a pair of denim jeans or white droppies.

I’m wearing the small in the top and find this caters easily for my 12 E chest, the elasticised shoulders are firm without being too tight and I find that they stayed in place.

Camellia Long Sleeve Frida Top $169.00 *

Now the droppies – I said I have 6 pairs already and 5 of these are Bohemian Traders cotton drill drop crotch pants. Now while I love these they don’t have much stretch to them.

The new release Slouch Pants are made from ponte roma knit – the knit fabric has a wonderful weight about it.

These pants are so lovely, soft and just comfortable to wear. They will go seamlessly from a work day to a evening curled up relaxing on the couch.

I’m wearing the small my usual size in my other droppies but I do find these have a slightly narrower leg. I have short legs and tend to carry any excess weight around the thigh area so if your a similar shape and are looking for a more relaxed look I would could size up. These are full length but I prefer to pull up my pants to show a bit of skin, I find that it elongates my leg, the firmer fit allows this.

Slouch Pant in Black $139.00* | Camellia Long Sleeve Frida Top $169.00 *

All items marked with a * were gifted to me for editorial consideration.

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  • I don’t think I will ever tire of wearing droppies or indeed OTS. Love both of these pieces on you my friend. Showing that little bit of ankle flesh balanced this whole look to perfection. xxx

    • Thanks Bev – no droppies are here to stay in my wardrobe, can’t wait to wear these with a tee and my kicks, so comfy. We always need ankle flesh otherwise I look Hobbit but without the large hairy feet

  • Drop crotch looks amazing on you, and is the perfect length to showcase your vast array of heels 😉