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Lifestyle516Hello so happy to meet you.

My name is Karen Suzanne a 40+ busy wife to Robert and proud mum to 4 beautiful children and their amazing partners, and a Glam-ma to a beautiful little granddaughter and handsome little grandson. And did I mention I’m also Step-mother to Roberts wonderful 3 boys and their partners and 4 handsome grandsons. Whew – just listing it all makes me tired but extremely proud.

I’m new to this blogging business and I’m still finding my way in what can sometimes be a scary step way outside my comfort zone.

Why blog – it’s a question I have asked myself and here is what I have come up with. I have a real passion for fashion, style and people but my 9 -5 office job doesn’t really allow me to indulge it, so a blog is my way of expressing what is swirling around in my head. I also think that after many busy and rewarding years guiding and nurturing my 4 children it is now time to take some ‘ME’ time – a concept that can be foreign to many Mum’s who always seem to put their needs last.

I’m very blessed in my workplace that nearly anything goes style wise, within a certain amount of reason. Very short tight skirts and midriff bearing crop tops probably won’t be looked upon favourably but once you get to a certain time stage life I don’t think they would be looked upon favourably anyway. I also think my children would disown me – so I will save them the embarrassment and steer clear.

My aim on the blog is to share a little bit of my style and life with other real women who have similar interests and passions. I love shopping and believe that it should become a recognised sport, it has long been my version of a cardio workout. I will share any fabulous buys that I find – as most of us are not on an unlimited budget, any great finds deserved to be shared! And please if you find any not to be missed bargains don’t hesitate to share them with me.

I have started a series called ‘3 LOOKS’ these posts are about how to extend one item in your wardrobe by wearing it three distinct ways. It can be very easy to get bored with your wardrobe by wearing items in exactly the same way every time, these posts will hopefully inspire you to be creative with your clothes.

I participate daily in the #everydaystyle tag on Instagram a fantastic way to meet other like-minded women but also to see what suits my shape. It has also been a fabulous outfit inspiration resource.

I hope that you enjoy reading my little blog posts and come back again for a visit.

My style/life mantra is “LIVE IT, LOVE IT WEAR IT”

Karen Suzanne  xxxx

L~ F