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My personal style is very much on the relaxed side and I can find dressing for a special event difficult.

I tend to dress at the same level for just about every part of my life – whether it be work, play or relaxation.

When my two older children got married shopping for a dress took me months.

Trying to find a dress for a winter event think wedding, ball or the Winter Racing Carnival is especially hard unlike Spring and Summer when you have a multitude of gorgeous frocks to pick from, winter is all about pants and coats.

Finding a fabulous winter dress can be a nightmare.

There are a couple of points that need I need to tick for the perfect winter dress

  1. Arm coverage – as I get older I do prefer to wear a dress with sleeves. Now I’ve mentioned before that I have short legs but I also have short arms (it’s weird but true) so prefer a sleeve that finishes about elbow length. Also the thinnest part of my arm is my wrist so I like to show these off.
  2. Classic Design – I love bold colours and prints BUT if I’m going to invest in a event dress I want one that I will be able to wear for multiple occasions and not date, so I prefer a plain dark colour.
  3. Length – being 161 cm I prefer a dress that finishes knee to mid length. Anything longer can overwhelm and also being short will mean that it needs to be altered.
  4. Fit – I have quite big boobs (12E) and a smallish waist and have found the best and most flattering shape for me is a fitted dress – one that skims the boobs but goes in around the waist. Now I’m the heaviest I’ve been in a long time and this can do my head in when trying to shop for a dress as my shape has changed. And sometimes we think that the loose dress will be more flattering on us but that doesn’t always hold true – you need to accent your best asset whether that be you waist, legs, butt or boobs.

I was very excited when contacted by Anthea Crawford to showcase a piece from their latest Autumn | Winter range.

Before I talk about the dress let me just talk a bit about Anthea Crawford. This gorgeous label started in 1976 in Melbourne. 40 years later and 98% off all their clothes are still designed and made in Australia – so when you buy one of their pieces you are supporting our local businesses.

I was determined to tick off all my points for the perfect winter dress.

I choose the Black Flared Sleeve Dress and completely nails everyone of my points.

  • Sleeves – perfect 3/4 sleeve with a flared cuff.
  • Classic – LBD dress never dates, now I know that the flared sleeve may go out of fashion but I could easily rectify this by having the flare on the sleeves removed at a later date.
  • Length – this finishes just below the knee, so the perfect length for me to add a pair of killer heels.
  • Fit – this dress is made from high quality ponti fabric and is fully lined. It has the right amount of stretch in it so fits the boobs. Without the stretch I would have had to go up a size but then it would have been too loose around the waist.

I wore this stunning dress last Saturday night when hubby and I went to the Queensland Theatre to see their latest production Once In Royal David’s City. If you are looking for a good night out I can definitely recommend it – it’s on until the 14th May and tickets are available from $55.00 – $86.00.

Anyway back to the dress – this would have to be the most beautiful dress I have owned. This is not your run of the mill dress it has been designed to fit a woman’s body perfectly, it comes with 40 years of experience of making dresses that flatter. It fits like it was made for me and the double layer of fabric makes it skim and not cling, the design looks deceptively simple but the cut is inspired. This truly will be classic piece in my wardrobe that will be worn for many years to come.

Also hubby absolutely loved this dress and me in it, so it was a huge ego boost.

Even though this dress is quite plain but with its fitted silhouette, flared sleeves and subtle v-neckline it makes quite a statement and it needs very few accessories. All I have added is a gorgeous pair of Hunt and Kelly Sona Filigree Earrings $45.00 (these are lovely and light so no sore ears when wearing them), Clarence Frank Cindy Large Clutch $99.00* and Nine West Tatiana Heels in Nude $149.95.


Items marked with a * were gifted to me for editorial consideration.

L~ F
    No apologies for shouting – you look amazing, just like the dress was handmade for you xxx

    • Haha no problems especially when you are shouting compliments. It was like my measurements where taken for this dress, helps that it has stretch in it

  • Stunning, timeless dress Karen x

    • Thanks Nikki – this dress will be hanging in my wardrobe for many many years to come- such a beautiful fit

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    I also have a big bust & would have never looked at that dress as v neck too high – but after seeing it on you, it looks amazing!!! Gorgeous piece that will never go out of style💜

    • I know I normally steer clear of high necklines as it can just make the boobs look bigger but I think because this has quite a wide neckline it actually has the opposite effect. I also struggle finding a fitted dress that fits in the chest and the waist – the slight stretch helps