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One of the reasons I started to post on Instagram and ultimately to start a Blog was to show how clothes would look on a 40+ woman that was on the short side (5’4″) with large boobs (currently 12 E but stupid menopause is causing this to increase), short shapely legs (this is a nice way to say that I have generous thighs) and a smallish waist.

I had become increasingly frustrated with what I was seeing online and in magazines.

I have changed how I shop now when I’m looking to make a purchase I trawl through instagram looking for everyday women who may have already purchased the item and have posted an outfit photo.

I always think it’s funny that we are quite often drawn to clothes that don’t suit our shape – its the same as how women with curly hair do everything they can to make it straight and vice versa with women with straight hair.

My weakness is clothes that look fabulous on women with small boobs and long legs – both the opposite of my figure and because this is quite often the shape of the women on the websites I can be fooled into thinking these will work for me.

When I received these I would sometimes find that they didn’t suit me at all. They would either be way too tight across the boobs, too long or just wouldn’t be very unflattering to my figure.

This in turn would make me feel unhappy with my body where in reality my body is fine it was just that I was getting sucked into a unrealistic image.

So I was very excited to be contacted by the fabulous Birds at Birdsnest to experience their Body Diversity range of clothes.

They are very passionate about catering for women of all shapes and sizes.

We come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes. We want our customers to embrace and feel fabulous about their bodies! When you Shop By Body Shape you can find style recommendations that celebrate what makes you uniquely you – in sizes that range from 6 to 22! – Birdsnest

You have for a while been able to shop for you body shape on Birdsnest by selecting clothes that fit in the categories – Big Boobs, Small Boobs, Curvy Hips, Straight Hips, Round Tummy or Flat Tummy.

But as of Summer 2016 Birdsnest has introduced 3 models with different body types – 8 -10, 12 -14 and 16+ to showcase their clothes online.

The models height and measurements are also listed below the photo of an item – now photos can be deceiving so they also include the actual measurements and for me the height of the model is a godsend.

Now when looking at outfits I can choose to view it on the model that closest resembles my body – this makes shopping for clothes so much easier and gives me greater confidence about shopping online.

I was given the opportunity see how this worked by picking a couple of items to show the 2017 winter range.

My first pick was from the Boho Bird Birdsnest label – this is one of my favourite collections, it is a practical and wearable label that also caters for my inner bohemian goddess. It is available in sizes 8 – 18.

I picked the Always at My Shoulder Tunic $89.95 (I’m wearing a size 12).

I have been loving the off the shoulder trend through summer but find it can be hard to make work in the colder months (I know for those of us in the Qld winter still seems so far away) as wearing a jacket can look a little odd over the top.

So the Always at My Shoulder Tunic is perfect with its long sleeves perfect for cooler weather – the cuffs are elasticised so you can pull the sleeves up and still wear in our current heat.

It features a high/low hemline which nicely covers my butt.

I have shopped my wardrobe to complete the outfit with a pair of Target Girlfriend jeans and Rubi shoes tan lace up booties.



My second pick was from the Belle Bird label.

This Birdsnest own label is available in sizes 10 -22 and is all about loving the body you are in and celebrating your curves.

A wrap dress really is the universal dress and flatters women of all shapes and sizes, they can help create curves or flatter the curves you already have.

The Belle Diamond Print Maxi $149.00 (I’m wearing a size 12) is a fabulous piece to add to your transeasonal wardrobe.

It is made from polyester and elastane fabric that needs no ironing (that is enough to make me fall in love with it) – this would be the perfect dress to take travelling.

When and if it gets really cold you could also add a slip underneath for added warmth and/or a black blazer or denim jacket and wear with your favourite tan or black boots.

The length of this dress is quite long and I couldn’t wear this with flats as I need the extra height from heels to stop it from touching the ground.



Have you been on the Birdsnest website lately and checked out the new features that make shopping for your shape so much easier?

L~ F
  • You already know I would happily wear both of your outfits. You look knockout in a wrap dress and who can say no to OTS chambray with classic white and tan! DIVINE xxx

    • Yes both of these would be amazing on you, my favourite is the chambray top just love the OTS with long sleeves

  • Loveyourwardrobe

    Oh that wrap dress is divine Karen. I like seeing clothes on different shaped women too to better gauge how a garment will possible look on me…must go check out these birds eat features then.

    • It’s just gorgeous and a great option for winter. Me too I find it so much easier to judge if it will suit