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Now as a woman with big boobs bra shopping has never been a fun experience.

I developed boobs early and by high school I already had the nick name Dolly (for those not from the 80’s this refers to Dolly Parton and her surgically enhanced chest).

Pretty bras that all my friends were wearing were never an option for me – my bras were all about thick straps and nude colour. And don’t get me started on the whole changing room experience. I’m sure we all have a story from that first bra fitting – it was like a right of passage into womanhood.

So when I was contacted to see if I was interested in seeing and trying on a bra from Intimo I jumped at the chance to try on a bra in the comfort and privacy of my own home.

For choosing your Intimo bra you have a couple of different options available

  1.  One on one consultation
  2.  A get together with a few of your girlfriends
  3.  Mail order.

I had a one on one consultation with the lovely Carys – being able to come home from a day at work and try on bra’s with out having to hold closed the curtains of the changing room hoping that no one was going to pull them open at the wrong moment was bliss.

Now Carys really knows her stuff she came in with her bag of pretty things took a quick measurement and pulled out a bra size and style that she thought would be me.

I was slightly dubious as I have always had to try on multiple bra styles and sizes before finding one that actually fit.

Carys choose the Smooth Contour Bra in 34E for me and it was the perfect fit.

I have 4 requirements of any bra to consider it the perfect fit – it has to lift, separate, support and be comfortable to wear all day without digging in. This bra ticked all the boxes.

So once I had the style down I just had to pick the colour – who knew that you could have options of colour and print for a bra that was in the E cup range.

For me picking pattern/colour was a no brainer as soon as I saw the Inprint (a snake print inspired set) I didn’t bother looking any further – I’m a sucker for animal print in all its shapes and forms. I also choose the matching pants – I find wearing a matching set of lingerie has such an luxurious feel to it.

BELOW: Smooth Contour Bra – Inprint $95.00 sizes 32-38D-EE, 40C-EE & 42D-EE | matching Biniki Brief $35.00

Azra 100%

I also tried on the Intimo Strapless Bra – finding the perfect strapless bra is a whole other world of pain. When I say pain I really mean pain – history has been that to find a strapless bra that has any chance of holding everything up means tight and uncomfortable.

The Intimo Strapless Bra had the right amount of hold with good boob coverage – no problems with anything falling out. This bra is on my must have list for summer to wear with my summer dresses and off the shoulder tops.

BELOW: Convertible Contour Bra – Nude $95.00 sizes 30A-D, 32-34A-E & 36-40B-E


And lastly the sports bra – I exercise with boot camp a couple of times a week so need something that gives me the support that I need while jumping, running, skipping and whatever other form of torture my PT decides is good for us.

My daughter actually told me a couple of weeks ago that my current sports bra situation is not working and everything is bouncing around, it was all a bit too much a solution was needed.

Intimo has 3 different options for sports bras depending on the support you need.

Carys recommended the High Impact Bra $95.00  it comes in sizes 30-34 A-F, 36B-F and 38-46C-F. After my experience with my everyday bra I trust Carys knows exactly what she is talking about – so a High Impact Bra is on its way to me now. Once I receive it I will let you know if this lives up to my expectations.IMG_4442[1]

Now if you would like to find you out more about Intimo and either have gathering of girlfriends or just a one on one personalised fitting contact Carys Martin on 0416 776 075 or email

And for all my followers if you use the code KAREN you will get free shopping on your order.


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  • Finding a comfortable bra that you can happily wear all day, that fits and looks good, is like finding a needle in a haystack. I have been blown away with the comfort of the Intimo bras – and they look fabulous too! I highly recommend the loungewear too it’s phenomenal on the comfort stakes xx

    • It definitely was my needle in the haystack- Can’t wait to try the sports bra, no more embarrassing the daughter with everything bouncing around 😜. I loved the smoothing cami – I tried it on with the bras and think it may need to become mine soon.

      • Carys Martin

        Oh yes the Smoothing top! Definitely a wardrobe must have and lots of colours to choose from!

    • Carys Martin

      So love that you are loving your Intimo too Bev. Heidi is a superstar 🙂

  • Carys Martin

    So loved helping you find your Intimo feel good fit! As a fellow 34E I feel your pain of past horror bra shopping experiences! From now on its EASY! Lots of choice, beautiful fabrics, laces and prints and of course oh so comfortable! Cant wait for you to get your sports bra 🙂

    • Thank you Carys – I’ve decided you are the ‘bra whisper’ you really made it so easy, who knew bra shopping could be fun not stressful. I can’t wait to receive the sports bra I will let you know how it fits – no more jiggly bits 😃.

      • Carys Martin

        LOVED helping you! I used to dread bra shopping until I found Intimo! Loved it so much I gave up teaching to run it as a business!

  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    I have an Intimo sports bra and a few of their smoothing bras. Karen sounds like she did a fabulous job with you. I find that some of them are a bit low cut for me, but their everyday bra is perfect for mums like me who want some colour in their underwear but maybe not anything super lacy or fancy.

  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    I have an Intimo sports bra and a few of their smoothing bras. Carys sounds like she did a fabulous job with you. I find that some of them are a bit low cut for me, but their everyday bra is perfect for mums like me who want some colour in their underwear but maybe not anything super lacy or fancy.

    • Hi Lauren Carys was amazing I think she’s the bra whisperer. The low cut bras aren’t really practical for me either – everything has a tendency of falling out. Can’t wait to receive my sports bra I’m expecting big things (that was not really a pun – but at a E it will be big 😜)

      • Carys Martin

        I cannot wait for you to get your sports bra!!
        Heeheee like the bra whisperer!

    • Carys Martin

      Here you Lauren! Definitely important to find the right style for you!

  • PREACH! I feel every ounce of this post, Karen. I’d love to try Intimo one day as I’ve heard so many good things, I just need to save my pennies.

    • I used to look enviously at all those pretty bras with their little straps and I had this ugly grandma bra on – so to finally find a bra that actually kept everything in place and looked pretty was like the holy grail. And then hubby tells me last night that the girls are getting bigger – just makes me want to cry 😭

    • Carys Martin

      Let me know when I can help you Beth xx
      Oh Karen I feel you! My boobs sometimes seem to have a mind of their own!

  • Lily Riek

    Intimo is the best – that’s why I became an Intimo stylist! We make it all so easy!

    • Carys Martin

      Loving working with you Lily!

    • I completely understand now why Lily – they really are in a class of they own, especially for us big boob gals

  • Love this. Big boobs need pretty bra’s too! Never shopped Intimo but I’ll put it on my “to website stalk” list!

    • Yes big boobs do need pretty bras why haven’t bra makers released this – thank goodness for Intimo

  • I especially hate going strapless bra shopping. In fact I hate wearing strapless bras, they usually always dig in and are uncomfortable, yet I love wearing off the shoulder tops in summer.

    Next summer I’d love to try the Intimo strapless bra.

    • Yes my current items of torture are definitely being replaced this summer – love strapless and off the shoulder tops just need to sort out the bra, so the Intimo one will be a must have