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As the Christmas holiday period passes I’m sure I’m not the only one that has acquired a few extra kilos and jiggly bits – this was not a wanted Christmas gift and one that I would happily return. But for now the jiggly bits are here to stay – at least until I get my butt off the couch exercise and stop putting copious amounts of chocolate into my mouth.

In my search for something to streamline some of my bumps and lumps and I remembered that I have spoken to Bev from Iris May Style about Bella Bodies before and she was glowing in her love of it.

My first surprise when I went online was the price – they range from $9.99 for a pair of breathable shorts to $85.99 for a breathable slip – I’m used to having to pay a pretty penny for anything shape related and it normally puts me off and I decide that I will just put up with the jiggly bits being on display.

I was looking for a cami style slip that I could wear under dresses that wouldn’t end up around my crotch area once I start to move. The experience of walking around the shops constantly pulling at your crotch area is not a good look.

I found the Bamboo slip $34.95 in black and white and knew it had to be mine.

Imagine my excitement when it arrived and upon opening I discovered the lovely Michel from Bella Bodies had also added a twin pack (black & white) of  their new range of Bamboo Knickers (these will be available online in the next 2 weeks).Photo_2016-01-13_02-57-59_PM

The first thing that strikes you when you touch these is the softness, they are seriously gorgeous – the softness comes from the fact that they are made from 78% bamboo 16% polyamide 6% spandex.

They are what I would call a mid brief finishing mid waist and providing great butt coverage.

I wouldn’t call these knickers control panties but with the wide band that finishes mid waist it does help hold in the mummy tummy and give a nice smooth shape, perfect for wear under skirts and dresses.


Now back to the slip, I purchased the slip in white as I find that this will go with most of my summer wardrobe but it also comes in black (as below).

Now let me tell you what makes this slip so SPECIAL its the band of silicone that runs around the bottom of the slip.

Why silicone I hear you ask and the answer is easy because by having that little bit of silicone around the bottom means you have no more issues with the slip riding up to your crotch. I can move freely without having to worry about flashing my knickers to all and sundry.

The other great feature is that it is made from 78% Bamboo 22% polyamide/elastane this means that it is super soft and has fantastic breathability about it, no issues with it sticking to your body in the heat, it will keep you lovely and cool all day.

Below are some of the ways that this Bamboo slip can be worn –

  1. With a maxi dress – buttons left open to create a bit of contrast. Free People dress
  2. As a cami under a skirt. Surafina skirt and Cotton On kimono.
  3. Unbutton your favourite dress and wear a slip dress. Bohemian Traders chambray dress.




Bamboo slip $34.95  in black.


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  • Excellent…….now the strange question… the knickers ride up……as I am sooo fussy with my underwear

    • Not a strange question at all , no one wants uncomfortable knickers. No riding up experienced at all and this is going to sound strange but its like not wearing knickers at all they are so comfortable

      • Nice……then must investigate further. Going to share this blog too on Facebook… perfect content for our customers too…..nice work

  • I bought one of those slips too on Bev’s recommendation. So cool and comfy and streamlining 😉😍

    • Yes Bev convinced me and so glad she did they are beautiful. I couldn’t believe how soft and light they are, may need the black one next

  • So happy you love this Karen – I wear the black and white to death! The knickers are pretty darn amazing too! xx

    • I should never have waited so long, the black is definitely on my to buy list. The knickers are the bomb no issues with riding up when wearing them.

  • Slips are always an overlooked wardrobe staple!
    Thanks for linking up with us on Start the Week Stylish!
    – Ana Luiza
    The Northwest Blonde

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    The slips, knickers and bamboo bras are my favourite everyday underwear, comfy and gentle on the budget 🙂

    • Confy underwear is a must I think nothing worse than pulling at your undies all day because they keep riding up. They are also cool perfect in the hot weather we have been having lately