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Christmas Day Outfit – 11 Dresses for under $100

We are already a week into December and I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping.

I’m in denial about this but panic may set in with a vengeance in the next week but for now I’m going to focus on what I will be wearing Christmas Day maybe this will distract from the lack of presents under the tree.

I always love to wear something special for Christmas Day, I think this goes back to my childhood of getting dressed up in brand new outfit to go and have lunch with all the family.

Dresses are my usual pick for the day – living in Queensland it is usually a hot Christmas so cool clothes are necessity.

Now eating is one of my favourite things to do on the day so nothing too tight for my dress as there will be huge amounts of food consumed and I need room to expand.

I’m also quite partial to wearing white on Christmas Day not quite sure why but it has been my colour of choice for many Christmas Days in the past.

It can be an impractical colour with all the opportunities for spilling food on it but I can’t resist the crispness of it. For those spills and they will happen there is always bleach to bring my dress back to its whiteness.

Looking through all the websites trying to pick my favourites was fun there is so much available but I found that I gravitated to the Christmas colours white, red and green with a couple of fun prints thrown in.

All these dresses are available online so you can shop in the peace of your own home without having to fight the crowds at the shops. This time of year the shopping centres are crazy that is if you can actually find a parking spot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACaitlin White Maxi Dress $69.95


St Frock Faithful Lace Dress in White 69.90 | Suzanne Grae Layered Dress $69.95


Target Frill Midi Dress – Red $39.00 | Lace n Heels Crossover Dress in Navy Floral – $69.95


Sussan Off The Shoulder Dress in Washed Navy – $89.95 |  Adrift Sandy Dress – on sale $69.99


Feather and Noise Florida Maxi – $69.00 | Fuschia Designs Melody Cotton Dress -$55.00


Fuschia Designs Black Embroidery Peasant Dress (this comes in multiple colours) – $75.00Little Party Dress Kai Orange Floral Maxi Dress – $69.95

What do you like to wear Christmas Day – do you like to wear something new like me?

L~ F
  • I love a floaty dress for Christmas Day, one where I can eat, eat some more and then maybe try to squeeze some more in – no waistbands allowed! Love your wearing white tradition…not sure I could trust myself not to be covered in 3 seconds flat though 😉 xxx

  • I blogged about my new Christmas and NYE outfits today too! I’ve gone for comfy, loose kaftan styles for both occasions this year. Bright and colourful for Christmas and a black lacey one for NYE!

    I love the look of white but it’s too impractical for me as I’m hosting Christmas this year and would no doubt get the white dirty quickly in the kitchen!


  • Yes Christmas has always been a dressy occasion for my family too, although I can’t quite get my sons in on the act…hopefully as they mature :-/