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Only 39 days until Christmas!

That sentence is both exciting and scary at the same time.

Exciting as I get to spend the day with my family but scary because I haven’t even started present shopping.

We have quite a large family and for me Christmas is about being together not really  about the presents under the tree anymore. My sixteen year old self would have been horrified by that sentence as at that age I was still secretly opening my presents under the tree to find out what Santa was giving me. I don’t do surprises very well – drives my hubby nuts.

And it was no good trying to hide my presents I could and still can sniff them out anywhere.

But nowadays we do things slightly differently – all children under 18 get presents from everyone but once you hit 18 you go into the secret Santa pool. This really takes the stress and expense out of Christmas, we all really have everything we need so this is a chance to receive something you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself.

The one thing that hasn’t changed for me is the fabulous outfit to wear Christmas Day.

The new outfit for some reason just makes me feel special – I love to put on a pretty dress go to Church in the morning and then get everything ready for the chaos that starts when all the kids arrive in the afternoon.

Now that we have grandchildren the real fun lies in watching them open their presents and be more interested in the wrapping that the present came in.

I tend to start searching for a Christmas outfit a couple of months before the day, I have found that if I leave it to the last minute I end up panic buying something I don’t love and then disappointed.

Now what do I consider a great Christmas outfit I hear you ask – for me most importantly something that makes me feel happy, festive and most importantly comfortable. I do tend to steer towards white and red colour wise, must be a hang over from childhood and the memory of the jolly fat man in a red and white suit that loves to gave me presents once a year.

Sometimes you come across a dress and you just fall instantly in love and know that this will tick all the Christmas Day outfit boxes.

This is exactly what happened when I saw this Feather & Noise Fiesta frock – I fell hard, I tried really hard to resist. At the time my mind was all about what I was going to wear on our holiday to China so I actually did manage to put the dress out of my head for a couple of weeks.

This went out the window when I returned and found that I had a credit for a return on my Feather & Noise account – I gave in and purchased the dress without delay.

I waited nervously for it to arrive, sometimes expectations and reality are far apart but this time I was not disappointed.

The dress was as beautiful in real life as it was online – the red is vibrant and the frill skirt which I had been worried would show too much leg is actually stitched to just above the knee so no worries about the wind catching it and flashing my undies.

Now I’m not the only one in my family that fell in love with this dress my daughter and daughter in law also fell for it hard. As I was writing my blog post my daughter text me to tell me she had to decided to buy it to wear Christmas Day.

I told her she didn’t need to as I already had it – we really have similar taste. Now while I absolutely love this dress and would be perfect for Christmas Day as mum’s do I offered it to her to wear. I still have 39 days to find a replacement.

My daughter in law is currently 20 weeks pregnant and at that stage where finding clothes to fit the baby bump becomes harder, she was nervous about buying this dress as worried it wouldn’t fit.

But I think that this dress would be perfect for a baby bump as it hits a little bit higher on the waist (will fit nicely above the bump) and then a good amount of material in the skirt for that little bit of extra room you need.

So I’m thinking that I should start a library card for this dress as I think it may spend more time out of my closest and in one of the girls wardrobes rather than mine.

Feather & Noise Fiesta Dress $89.00 (wearing a size 12) | Diana Ferrari Nikola Heels $179.95 (gifted)

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  • Such a STUNNING frock on you – when you wear red, it just blows my mind at how fabulous you look in it!
    NOOOOOOO is there really only 39 days until Christmas – I am so not ready…the only presents people will get from me is either from Mimco, CR or Witchery or DJ’s and that includes the boys! xxx

  • Kathryn

    Red is your colour Karen! Very pretty dress, and I agree so Christmassy if that is a word. We all wore blue and white last year, plus the table setting matched. Four generations together, the morning was crazy, the grandies went nuts opening presents, we had a mountain of wrapping paper to get rid of. It was lovely though, and good memories for them to have later. Must start thinking about what I will wear this year x