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I’ve managed to get to nearly 50 years of age and still remain pretty clueless about all things beauty.

But I’ve been told that its never too late to learn and in my 50th year I’ve decided I need to make some changes and try and look after my skin better.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my cluelessness (is that even a real word!) – so I thought I would share my discoveries this year of what is working for me. Some of these discoveries are ones that I have purchased myself and love and then like the ones I’m talking about today, have been gifted to me to try (if I like them I’ll share).

I should also add I don’t like spending a lot of money on beauty products – I’m a little cheap and I’m after products that are easy to get my hands on and won’t break the bank.

First up a couple of products from Skin Therapy that I was kindly gifted.

What I loved about these products straight away was that I can purchase them from my local supermarket – means I can sneak them in with the shopping and I don’t even notice the cost.

Skin Therapy Eternal Jellyfish Complex Rejuvenating Gel Exfoliator currently reduce to $10.00 | Skin Therapy Eternal Jellyfish Complex DNA Miracle Cream currently reduced to $15.00 (both available online and instore from Woolworths Supermarkets).

First question for me was what is the Jellyfish Complex – it is described as renewable marine collagen. I’m still a little unsure what this is but I was interested to try.

Skin Therapy Eternal Jellyfish Complex Rejuvenating Gel Exfoliator  – now the description on the box promises to ‘gently polish and condition skin texture for a radiant glow’.

I’ve been keeping this in the shower and using twice a week – it’s lovely and gentle on the skin. A gel with fine granules that I massage in circular motions onto my skin and just wash off with warm water. This gets a huge tick in the easy use department and my skin feels clean and soft afterwards.

Skin Therapy Eternal Jellyfish Complex DNA Miracle Cream – this is a day and night treatment that is to help reduce the signs of ageing (Yep definitely need this).

Look I could go into all the things that it contains but this doesn’t mean much to me – the couple of things I did like in the spiel on the packaging was that it repairs and protects skin against UV rays and contains Pro- Vitamin B to hydrate my skin.

For this one I have been putting on my face, neck and decollete in the evening and in the morning under my moisturizer for about a month.

I actually really like it – its not greasy or heavy at all. It is absorbs into my skin well and a small amount goes a long way.


I have found my skin softer and it hasn’t died out my skin or caused any adverse reactions. Note: I have pretty normal to oily skin and I’m not overly sensitive to anything. I used a Secret Santa voucher that I got for Christmas for a facial last week. And when they looked at my skin under lights the girl said that it was looking quite hydrated so I was happy that both of these products seem to be working for me.

Now I was gifted these but the question is will I actually but them – yes I think I will, I like the feel of them on my skin and I love the price and the fact that they are both available from Woolies.

At the moment both of these are currently 50% off so now is the perfect time if you would like to try them.



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  • So proud of you for taking the leap into beauty – you do however still have amazing skin…even though I know your previous skincare routine HA! xx