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It was Valentines Day yesterday, with declarations of love and red roses everywhere.

Now we are not usually big on celebrating – usually we just have a home cooked meal together.

But this Valentines Day was different we were lucky enough to get tickets to the new play at QPAC ‘The Flicks’.

Just a side note – I haven’t been to a play since I was subjected to bad ones at school. ‘The Flicks’ was thankfully nothing like those, it was extremely well acted and a unique script. I have a very short attention span and I’m terrible at sitting still but this play held my attention for the 3 hours. To me that means its a winner.

Anyway seeing it was Valentines Day we decided to make a night of it and go out for drinks and dinner before hand.

I will let you into a little secret I tend to have one level of dressing and it doesn’t matter what its for, be it work, play or weekend I dress the same, the only thing that tends to change are the shoes from heels to flats.

This can tend to be overkill when it comes to a weekend wear but for a special event I struggle.

When I get an invitation to a special event I tend to go into panic mode about what to wear.

Usually everything in my closet is something I have or will wear to work.

But this time it was different I actually had two options that would be perfect for a night at the theatre.

My options were polar opposites of each other – one a colourful beaded kaftan and the other a black lace dress.


Option 1 is a beautiful bold kaftan from Little Party Dress.

Now I do love a kaftan but as they are such a statement piece and I tend to save them for special occasions and because of this I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them.

This one from LPD is $79.95 so won’t break the bank – now unfortunately this print is no longer available but it still available in a green and blue print.

The details on these dresses are far above what you would expect for the price, they come with beautifully embellished necklines that really make a statement.

I have chosen to do the undie tuck for this dress – this sounds very un-glamorous but it creates shape and a shorter length, as this kaftan is so bold and loose fitting to leave this long it would tend to overpower and swallow my frame. To achieve undie tuck look it really is as easy as tucking it into the sides of your undies (exactly as you used to do in school) I tend to prefer to have the back slightly longer than the front but just play around with it until you get exactly what works for you. Just make sure you are wearing a nice firm pair so that they dress stays tucked and your undies don’t fall down.

To give me some extra height I’ve chosen to pair the kaftan with a pair of silver Nine West heels that I picked up on sale. But this would work just as well with a pair of metallic flats.

And to finish it off I added a pair of Aphrodite Silver earrings $24.95 (these come in 6 different colours and gold or silver) and Gilded Raffia clutch $49.00 both from Ruby and Lilli.





Ruby and Lilli is a brand that I love to work with – their clothes are perfect for my life style and I’m never disappointed with the quality.

Now R & L started out as a lux t-shirt brand that was started to cater for women of all sizes and ages. But in the last 6 months it have been very exciting as they have evolved to include a sports luxe range and the latest release some limited edition dresses.

To say I was excited to try these dresses was an understatement.

The collection is called the LIMITÉ and includes a white and navy cotton Broderie Anglaise Dresses. These are light, fresh and fun perfect for a multitude of occasions (so perfect for one level of dressing) – they will also look fabulous as the weather EVER gets cooler with a denim jacket.

But for me the shining star of this new release is the Lilli Noir $99.00.

Now I had to size up in this one (I went up two sizes – this was mainly because of the size of my boobs. Menopause is starting and one of the side effects is my boobs have started to grow again, as if the hot flushes weren’t enough to contend with).

I’m going to be really honest when I first saw this I wasn’t sure how it would look on me, I was worried it may give me no shape and the hanky hem might be either too high or too long. I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to my inner voice – this voice has saved me from a fashion disaster in the past but it has also stopped me from trying something new.

As soon as I put on this dress I knew my inner voice was WAY OFF! This dress is gorgeous.

It’s made from hammered silk with eyelash lace trim, hanky hem and thin removable belt. It just glides on and doesn’t cling – I have fallen for this dress in a big way.

Even hubby was keen on this one – he usually keeps his opinions to himself about the details of a dress but this one he was impressed with the lace hanky hem.

I teamed this dress with a gorgeous hand painted clutch I received from Clarence Frank – $129.00. This clutch is part of the new limited range that you can be fully customized in print and colour, prices start from $79.00. I loved the large size of this clutch – it’s great to have something for a night out that fits more than just your credit card, phone and lipstick.

I finished off the look with my favourite Witchery leopard print heels (these are no longer available).




So what did I go with – in the end I couldn’t go past the Lilli Noir from Ruby and Lilli, felt fabulous in it all night.


L~ F
  • Kathryn

    I really like both of these. I feel your pain about being swamped, I do the undie all the time. And the boob/menopause, mine have increased along with my waistline. The hanky hem is lovely, I must check out the Ruby and Lilli webpage. x

    • The expanding waistline is so frustrating but then so is everything else related to menopause. You must check out Ruby and Lilli they have such fabulous clothes and accessories. I think I need to do the undue tuck more often

  • Now this is how the dress is meant to look. You look gorgeous Karen!
    Like you I sized up a few sizes, but much to my dismay, it still pulled across my ample boobage…when you then add into the equation my yukky bingo wings (if only my arms were as fabulous as yours) it reluctantly had to be a no for me.
    You already know I love you in red, the kaftan looks great on you – and a bit of knicker tucking never hurt anyone 😉 xx

    • Haha I identify with ample boobage and bingo wings. I’m so looking forward to winter and the chance to cover them for a while 😜 I do love a good Kaftan dressed up with heels and knicker tucking never goes out of style no matter what age you are

  • Loveyourwardrobe

    Nice choices Karen. The eyelash lace trim on the R&L dress is divine!

  • Dianne Childs

    I love both outfits especially those leopard print heels! Go the undie tuck, haha 🙂

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • Thanks Dianne – the leopard print heels are always pulled out when I want a real statement, I just love them but they are definitely not made for anything that involves a lot of walking

  • Omg both dresses are just gorgeous! Go R&L – I’m so glad they’ve expanded!