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Now let me start with the statement “I am not a runner, a shuffler maybe but definitely not a runner”.

I had never run more than 500 m in one go until I started my fitness journey 3 1/2 years ago – I will talk about this journey in another post soon.

But with this in mind last Sunday I participated in my first 10 km fun run with the Bridge to Brisbane.

To say that I was freaking out as I approached that first hill – that just happens to be the Gateway Bridge is an understatement.

I was running with my beautiful daughter – who happens to be an amazing runner (does not get this ability from her mother), a wonderful friend (who I call the Eveready Bunny as she just doesn’t stop) and her 13 year old grandson (he’s young he has youth on his side).

I did participate in the 8 km Mothers Day run early in the year but did not find this easy – that first kilometre was so long, I’m sure it was signed wrong!

But at least prior to the Mothers Day run I had prepared with a little bit of training before hand.

But before last Sunday I had not run for over a month – due to illness, business trips and just being too darn busy.

Now for some people I’m sure that 10km is not a big deal but for a non runner it is enormous. So with thoughts of failure already going around in my head we started out on the run up the bridge.

My daughter and my friends grandson waved us good bye straight away with calls to say they would see us at the finish line.



As we made our way up the bridge I was already talking myself out of running the whole way.

I’m at heart a lazy person, this is why I participate in an organised bootcamp and have weekly PT sessions. Because if it was left to me I would stop as soon as it got hard, this way I have people pushing and encouraging me. And being the people pleaser that I am I don’t want to let them down so I keep going.

Now if it was left to me there would have been a lot of walking but I was running with one of the most encouraging and inspiring women I know and she just kept on encouraging me.

I tried the excuses I have sore feet – I need to walk/ I can’t breathe – I need to walk/ My hips hurt – I need to walk. But my beautiful friend just kept on encouraging me and kept on running.

And guess what I got past my sore feet, I could breathe and my hips kept on working.

And I even managed to sprint the last 50 metres to get across the finish line.

The feeling of accomplishment as I finished (this was after oxygen started flowing to my brain again) was exhilarating.

So even though I know I’m never going to become a world class runner – not even a great runner I am proud to say I’m a finisher.

And as we all sat down for a celebration breakfast we started planning our next running event – I was even heard to suggest a half marathon. I think I was still suffering for oxygen deprivation, it is the only explanation for the madness.



Do you have a fitness journey that you are on?



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  • Well done! I have just started this week my journey of getting fit and losing weight before I’m bridesmaid in January.

    • Good luck with your journey Chantelle – the feeling you get once you start seeing results can be addictive. I don’t always love it when I ‘m exercising but the feeling after is amazing! I have also made some amazing friends – which has been a real bonus Karen xxxx