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I have always loved denim, even growing up in Darwin where it is always hot I would still wear them even if the humidity made them stick to me like glue.

What I have always struggled with is finding jeans that work for my short legs that won’t end up with a gathered bunch of fabric around my ankle and don’t get me started on trying to wear boots in winter it can be a nightmare.

Any extra weight I carry loves to embrace my already generous thighs (the words ‘thigh gap’ is a phrase I will never use to describe my legs unless I’m talking about the lack of it). And do you know what I’m fine with that.

But I do have nice petite ankles and I like to wear jeans that show this so I find jeans that tapper down around my ankles are the most flattering shape for me.Its all about showing off your best bits.

The skinny style of jeans even though they are firm around my thighs work best for me but finding a pair that don’t bunch around the ankle can be difficult.

But what I have found over the years after lots of trial and error is the 3/4 style jean which is supposed to finish mid calf on my long legged friends are the perfect length.

The 3/4 length is the short girls best friend – they fit like they were made for our legs.

Wearing boots with these jeans is no longer an issue of tuck or bunch, I do like to sometimes still add a fold to my jeans this can create a bit of interest and it gives a bit of glimpse of a ankle making my legs look a little longer (keep this fold small if you over do it in width you will end up having the opposite effect and shorten you legs).

Below are my a few of my favourite pairs of jeans some years old, some months and others brand new.

Witchery Harper Jean $119.95 – my latest jean addition, I loved the zip details near the pockets and the bottom of these jeans are quite fitted which I love. I’ve turned up on fold just to give a glimpse of my ankle (I sized down in these to get the right fit and also they are a made of the slightly thicker denim  that stretches with as you wear), Slouchy V Neck Knit $149.95 and Plain Plisse Necktie $29.95

These Sussan Fashion jeans have been a firm favourite for years and I do think they have magical properties as it doesn’t seem to matter what size I am (I’m sure I’m not the only one that changes weight over the years – up and down) they still fit perfectly. These jeans are no longer available but I have listed a similar design from Sussan below.

Above – Witchery Double Button Blazer $279.95 (only small sizes left) | Mon Purse Bowler bag – design your own. $499.00 read more about it here | Frankie 4 NAT $229.00 *

Below – Feather and Noise Grey Longline Vest – no longer available | Bohemian Traders Lace top – no longer available | Cinori Sumac Boot on sale $150.00 *

These Gabriella Frattini Studio Jeans $149.00 * (these have a lot of stretch in them, I sized down) are 7/8 length and are the perfect to wear with a pair of killer stilettos.

Witchery Double Button Blazer $279.95 (only small sizes left) & Aisha Heels $149.95 (back in stock) | Champagne Cartel ‘Fancy’ T-shirt $38.00 | Caramel & Co Hobo bag $59.95 *

From top left to right – Cotton On Mid Rise Grazer Skinny Jean $49.95 | Jeans West Iris Mid Waisted Skinny Capri $79.99 | Sussan Fashion Mid Denim Relaxed Distressed Jean $119.95 | Seed Heritage Panel Detail Jean $99.95 (I tried these on recently and loved them – not you need to size down)

Items marked with an * have been gifted to me for editorial consideration and this post does contains affiliate links, which means if you click to buy the item, I earn a little commission but you don’t pay any extra.

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  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    How timely !! I’m going shopping today for jeans …. one of my least favourite things (the others are bras & swimwear 😩) I’ve spotted a pair at Diana Ferrari but I’ll try the others you mentioned as well. Like you, I’m not very tall and always have the problem of fabric bunching around the ankles. Thanks again 🌺

    • Jean shopping can be a bit of a nightmare so any help is good. My go to shops at the moment for jeand are Sussan, Seed and Witchery. Their current style all seem to be made for us shorties- maybe their buyers are short 😜
      Good luck today x

  • You wear denim so well Karen. I’m a firm believer that denim looks way better on gals with curves too (this may have a lot to do with the fact that I have ‘curves a plenty’ HAH). Anyway, just know I LOVE your style, and I always look forward to seeing the looks you put together. Forgot to tell you, I managed to pick up the new Witchery Blazer in black with the single button…I was so delighted 💋💋

    • There are plenty of us girls with curves and I’m finding more clothes are catering for them finally. I only saw yesterday that Witchery had released a new blazer – glad you got in early this time, it’s such a fab piece worth every cent

  • Kathryn

    Karen you look great in jeans! I love jeans too, and being another shortie appreciate your suggestions. x