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As a SG – short girl (anyone under 5’4″) one of the biggest problems is finding jeans that actually fit and don’t require time and money spent altering. And even when you get them professionally altered they still doesn’t look right. For all the glamourzons out there with these wonderfully long legs that seem to go on from ever (I’m trying not to sound too jealous here, is it working?) this is probably not an issue. But for us Short Girls it can cause endless headaches and frustrations.


I have a few go to places when I’m looking for jeans to fit my vertically challenged legs – I’ve listed these below, hopefully these will help my fellow SG in their quest for the Perfect Fitting Jean.

My first go to place would have to be Sussan’s not only do I always find jeans that fit my short legs but they are also provide a great fit around the waist and thighs. I sometimes think that jeans designers don’t design for the real women  – that is one that has a waist and a decent pair of thighs. Especially once you have had children your body is never quite the same shape as it was when you were pre-child. Unless you are a famous celebrity mum who has thousands of dollars to spend on chefs and personal trainers.

Below Relaxed Mid Wash Jean $99.99 – I’m wearing a size 8 as I like a slightly more fitted look. Also wearing Sussan fashion t-shirt and scarf with Zara leopard boots.











My next go to place is Target and I head straight over to the Dannii for Target Petites section – this is a god send for SG girls everywhere. They not only cater for short leg syndrome but also the other well known SG problem short arm syndrome.

The ones I have on are Petites Boyfriend Jeans – Black, currently on sale for $20.00. Also wearing French Connection Duster Jacket – currently on sale for $31.96, Sussan Fashion tank and Oroton handbag currently on sale for $178.50.












I have also found some amazing jeans for SG at Coles Mix Apparel. Yes Coles do sell clothes both online and instore and Yes they are fantastic value. The bonus is that if you local Coles doesn’t sell them you can purchase online (free shipping once you spend over $50.00) and if you don’t like them or  you can return to ANY Coles for a full refund.

I am wearing the Slit Knee Skinny Jean purchased for only $19.00 these have now gone up to $35.00 but if you sign up online you receive 10% off your first order. Also wearing Mix Apparel denim shirt and Country Road jacket with RMK booties.











Just West also has a great range of SG jeans. I’ve listed a couple of my favourites below – Boyfriend Jeans Antique (short) – $69.99 and Super Skinny Jeans in Absolute Indigo (short) part of the their 2 pair for $99.99 range.


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  • I’m 5 foot so I totally understand this issue.

    • SG problems are real, I also have trouble with jackets the length in the arms are too long, I always have to roll them up.

  • I’m an SG and yes endless jeans problems, and don’t get me started on maxi dresses. There are a few jeans choices in the UK. Marks &Spencer do petite sizes and a few other high street stores but no one caters for the maxi grrr

    • Yes don’t get me started on maxi dresses. I find the midi length dresses are a great alternative to the maxi dress for SG as the fall about mid calf on me.