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Now I know that you are supposed to make New Years Eve resolutions in December/January but seeing as I work in accounts End of Financial Year is looming large in my horizon, so I have decided to embark on an New Financial Year resolution. My resolution is to take a Journey through my already bulging wardrobe and wear more of what I have and shop smarter for what I want. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have a few more dollars in my account  but also a more concise wardrobe that I actually wear.

This has come about due to the fact that I have forgotten or can’t find so many of my clothes. I tend to wear only 20% of my current wardrobe and tend to keep buying similar clothes to what I already have – please tell me I’m not alone in this. Every time I shop I tend to gravitate towards the same things – striped tops, black pants, white t shirts and blue jeans.

I think I really need to take a step back and reassess.So this is not a shopping ban – I don’t think I could survive that and to be honest it would be hell for those that have to live with me, shopping is my hobby, my cardio and my happy place. But I want to try to stop the impulse buys, where you buy because its on special or you have money burning a hole in your purse and you need to spend it or your bored and it looked OK in store.

So this week I have started the mammoth journey of travelling the length and breath of my wardrobe, I think I may come across a few items that I will doubt my sanity as to WHY I thought that outfit was a good idea in the first place. I know I’m guilty of a few purchases that I knew were not me but thought that I needed to broaden my horizons. I think we all have those items that looked fabulous on the mannequin in store and the shop assistant assured looked amazing on you but you knew in your bones that they weren’t but pressure selling or just desperation made you pull out the credit card. So when (not if) I come across those items they will be ejected from my hanging rails to hopefully find a happy home with someone that will actually appreciate them.

Here are a few outfits from the beginning of my journey, hoping for happy travels and to come across a few hidden gems that make me smile.



The return of the Chambray Jumpsuit – or as one of my work colleagues called it my Denim Onesie

Outfit – Mix Apparel jumpsuit, Sussan scarf and Seed Heritage heels.


Colour makes a reappearance into my daily life.

Outfit – Country Road jumper, Sussan jeans and shirt and Zara boots.

IMG_20150626_091208Knitted vest that I had pushed to the very back of my wardrobe and a grey t-shirt that I have to confess actually comes from Sussan Fashions sleepwear section. I’ve added my brand new stunning necklace that I won through Instagram  from Ilysahoney

Outfit – Sussan knitted vest, t-shirt and jeans, Spendless heels.

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  • Molly

    I think I will give this a go… I have too many clothes as it is and don’t wear half of them…

  • Ellen McCabe

    I cannot fit anymore I my bedroom

  • Ellen McCabe

    You are not alone

  • Ellen McCabe

    And I have lots of new never worn and worn once I guess you would have the same we had an appeal at work for donations of beanies scarves socks (new only ). 5 beanies and scarves never worn .we have mufti artwork every Monday and Friday and sometimes all week . This means I have a wardrobe of suit type jackets and skirts ( mainly Cue or Veronica Maine ..I am going to try to wear something different every day Love your posts

    • Yes I’m a good dent in wearing clothes that I have either never worn or haven’t worn for a year. Also I havw given away a lot to charity, I’m definitely being smarter lately with any new purchases. So glad you have enjoyed reading my posts Karen Suzanne xxxxx