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Lace Up Ballet Flat

On a cold and windy Sunday I decided it was time that I took a serious look at all the sales that I have been tempted by for weeks by the countless emails that I have received. I held out as long as possible but the call of the local shopping centre proved to be too much to resist. I think for a self confessed shopping addict I did pretty well.

The anticipation was great when I walked into my first store but it didn’t last long, as I walked from one rack of clothes to another the joy at all the sale merchandise just wasn’t there. What was wrong with me? Who am I? I went to me next store thinking this will be better but again nothing sparked any interest – Was I sick?

I realised that I have prematurely moved on from winter fashion. The cold wind was blowing ferociously outside but all I could think about was all the beautiful spring fashion that was starting to make an appearance in store. I didn’t want that beautiful warm winter coat that only weeks ago I had been wishfully wishing could be mine.

It looked like this would be a wasted to trip to my mother ship (this is the name that my mother calls Westfield Chermside – my favourite set of shops). But I decided to preserve, I don’t ever want to be accused of being a quitter. My next stop was at Sussan’s finally I felt at home in a sea of navy – will talk about some of my purchases later in the week on the blog. But it broke the drought and I felt all was right with the world again.

Now that my confidence had been returned and my wallet was a little bit lighter (ok a lot!). I headed to Rubi Shoes to look at a pair of heels I had seen in the city last week. Walking in my eyes were caught by some pretty lace up ballet flats. Now I have been seeing a lot of these flats online lately and wondered if they would work for me. For the price of only $29.95  I figured I had nothing to lose.

As I slipped them on the romance of laced ballet flat had me sold. I would like to note I did not do a pirouette around the store but I won’t lie the temptation was strong. I’m not normally a girl who likes flats but with the point and the lace up feature I didn’t really feel like I was wearing flats. I was able to experience the elegance and look of a heel without having to experience the uncomfortable wear that can sometimes come with them.

Now the hard part was what colour should I purchase? Black, Nude or Blue. I went with the black for now as we are still in the midst of winter and I feel this will be the most versatile colour. But I could be making a return to the store or online and purchasing the nude or blue. My only hint if you are thinking of buying these beauties would be to size up as I found them to be a small fit. I asked the lovely young lady in store what she thought and she agreed that compared to their normal shoes they are on the smaller side.




Here is how I wore my ballet flats today for my daily Instagram Everyday Style post – I teamed them with camo print and black which I think gave them a bit of a harder edge. Outfit – Sussan Fashion jacket, tee and jeans and Rubi shoes scarf (2 for $15.00).






I also went searching online and found a couple of other options if you prefer to wear real leather first one from Wittner – Rallo $179.95


Second from Zu Shoes – Alabama $120.00


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