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I grew up in Darwin where you own maybe one or two jumpers for those nights that it may get to the 25° – winter dressing doesn’t exist.

I used to look enviously at boots and jackets – I didn’t buy my first pair of boots until I was in my early 20’s and this was only because we moved to Queensland (ok Queensland doesn’t really experience a proper winter either but coming from the NT it felt freezing).

As you expect leather jackets where never on my fashion menu during my teenage years but I wanted them to be.

Once we moved the family budget of having one bread winner and 3 small children meant leather jackets were still off the fashion menu.

As the children grew and we had more disposable income my shoerobe of boots started to grow but that leather jacket still proved illusive.

I think a leather jacket is a real investment and it takes time to find the right one in both colour and fit. I finally found my holy grail of leather jackets in San Francisco on my honeymoon – even with the shopping power of the states it took till until near the end of our trip before I found it.

The weather has finally turned cool here and I’m loving the versatility of my tan leather jacket. I have been wearing it with jeans, pants, skirts and dresses – see below some of my outfits.






Now I have had a few ladies enquire on where I purchased my jacket – this got me thinking what are the options for leather jackets now. So I started researching what was available as getting on a plane to the States is a little extreme even for the perfect jacket.

When I look at making a large $ purchase I try and keep to the below guidelines:

  • Keep it classic, the latest trend may look amazing now but will you still feel that way in 2 or 3 years.
  • Colour – pick a colour that you know will go with a majority of your wardrobe, for a leather jacket I prefer either tan or black.

What I found is that there are a lot of options for black leather and faux leather jackets – I have listed my favourite three from LESS to LUXE.

Biker jackets are always a classic style that have been around since they were first invented in 1928 – these were for the motorbike rider but as the years have passed these have become popular style for all ages and sexes. My only tip would be make sure you get one that doesn’t overwhelm you.


Target Lily Loves Leather Look Biker Jacket $59.00 |Katies Round Neck PU Jacket $89.95 | Witchery Leather Jacket $599.95

Tan jackets are not as easy to find and I didn’t find any faux versions, but I did find some beautiful tailored classic jackets. I have also added suede jackets – you do need to look after these a little better but I just love the soft feel of them.

Now I know the plum colour of the Jeans West jacket does not really fall within my guidelines but the style is a gorgeous classic look that I think it will weather the test of time.


Birdsnest Boho Bird Forever Leather Jacket $299.00 |Sussan Suede Biker Jacket $499.95 | Jeans West Hannah Suede Jacket $299.00

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  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    I also purchased my first leather jacket recently. I’d been looking around and not wanting to pay $800+ I’d almost given up!! Found the perfect (for my shape) leather jacket at Diana Ferrari & they have a few different styles and the leather is beautifully soft. They are on the $$ side but I bought mine when the had a sale on all jackets so thats how I justified my purchase!!!

    • I think finding a leather jacket fits our shape is the most important as they can add bulk if not right – no one wants that! If it was on sale then you saved money – so definitely justified 😀 And they really are an investment piece that will last for years xx

  • What’s not to love about a fabulous leather jacket eh? LOVE yours – it really does look great with everything.
    I too have a tan leather jacket that I adore. Had it for over 10 years and its still going strong…on the lookout for a black one now. Lily (Stylish Teacher) was wearing a corker yesterday that I may have to investigate! Great post xx

    • Sometimes there are certain pieces in your wardrobe that are worth spending $$$ on and for me it’s always leather items eg. bags, shoes or jackets I can’t resist a beautiful things. I saw Lily’s jacket it looked gorgeous and it is from up near you xxx

  • I think a leather jacket is a wardrobe essential – for women AND men! Hubster and I bought each other a leather jacket as a wedding gift 26 years ago. And they would still look great today – if only they still fit! 😉

    • Hubby picked up his much leather jacket when we were in the states- I just love how you can wear them for nearly any occasion. Yes to fit in clothes from 26 years ago is not an easy task – your daughter hasn’t tried to ‘borrow’ your jacket😜

  • Brown leather is such a fab change from the regular black. I myself don’t like to wear real leather and prefer a pleather alternative. I don’t have a brown one though, might have to invest since they are so versatile!

    • Have you look at Bohemian Traders vegan suede jacket – it is more of a waterfall jacket but I felt the material of the vest (and it’s the same) It is so beautiful and soft I loved it

  • Great jacket, so versatile and goes with so many pieces. Like the idea of a tan one but it has to be the perfect shade!

    • It really does Beth that was what took me so long to find – I refused to settle and so glad I didn’t