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If you follow my #everydaystyle posts on Instagram you will know that I wear quite a bit of denim and in particular jeans. So I thought it was time to share two of my options for denim jeans luxe and less for the upcoming A/W season.

I used to think that distressed jeans were only suitable for the very young women with knock out figures. Over the last 18 months I have done a complete about face and they have become a wardrobe staple.

Now I do have a few rules about distressed jeans that I must follow

  1. There is to be no undie flashing action – I still have horrible flash backs to the fashion of quite a few years ago when your g-string popping out of the top of jeans was considered a thing. Let me just clarify this was never a ‘thing’ that I indulged in.
  2. While some distressing is fabulous I don’t want huge patches of bare skin where the jeans are held together by only a few lone threads.

The 2 pairs of distressed jeans below follow the above rules perfectly.


I recently was lucky enough to be invited to Rockmans Fashion Pretty Girl Press Day for their new Autumn/Winter collection. Now while I’m super excited for the new A/W season soon to be released in store – wait until you see what fabulous fashion is coming to the Table Eight brand, its stunning.

I was blown away by the new denim range that Rockmans has released so much so that the very next weekend I was down at my local store purchasing a pair. I decided on the Rockmans Ripped Boyfriend Jeans but they have some great Biker Jeggings  $49.95 that I will be going back to buy – they come in 3 different colours black, indigo and blue.

I normally gravitate to skinny jeans – I find that they work best for my short legs and creates an illusion of length. This time I wanted something a bit different so the light washed boyfriend jean was the perfect option. As you will see I have purchased mine a bit more fitted than on the model below as I find if my jeans are too loose it adds unnecessary bulk to my short frame.

If you want to try something different it always a good idea to try it first with a item that is not going to break the bank that way if you hate it you don’t feel guilty about not wearing it. But no issues with that this time I love the slightly loose fit of these light wash jeans – they are the perfect addition to my denim collection.


Rockmans Ripped Boyfriend Jeans – $59.95



I won’t lie I love all things Bohemian Traders as my wardrobe will attest to if it could talk. So when they released a range of premium denim jeans I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair.

The jeans come in three colours – distressed, indigo and black. Because of my new love of distressed jeans I couldn’t pass these ones up.

I did worry about buying them without trying them on, fit for jeans can tricky but after asking advice from Nikki from Styling You I decided to go with my usual fit. When my Bohemian Traders package arrived I nervously took them out and pulled them on, I heaved a great sign of relief when they fitted.

I found that they are pretty true to size and while they have some stretch in them they are not what I would call super stretchy.

I loved the slightly higher waist as this helps to hold everything in and create a more streamlined look – always a plus for me. They also fit nicely around the tush giving the illusion of a free slight butt lift, again a plus for me.

Also the slim fit around the calf and ankle makes these the perfect jeans for wearing high boots in winter. I think there is nothing worse than creating cankles when trying to stuff your jeans into your boots.

These are everything I love about skinny jeans and will definitely be getting a work out over the next few months/years.


Bohemian Traders Distressed Skinny Jeans – $129.00






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  • Suzie

    Those distressed skinnies look great on you, have been eyeing them since they arrived in my inbox….

    • Don’t delay Suzie they are selling fast and they are AMAZING! I want the other colours now but need to save up first

  • Might have just had a giggle that we’ve both posted about the same things today! How fabulous are the jeans? They fit and flatter so well and look incredible on you. I also have the indigo which are equally amazing…what’s the betting you add those babies to your shopping cart too! xxx

    • Haha our love for denim is well known and I received these yesterday they had to get on my butt today. I was tossing up between the indigo and the distressed but the black would be amazing too. Oh hell I should just get all 3 colours 😜 thanks for tag in your post today gorgeous it was appreciated xxx

  • Both styles of distressed jeans look great on you, but my favourite is the skinny ones 🙂

    I got rid of all my distressed denim a while back when I was trying to downsize my wardrobe. I want pieces I can wear for work and at home, and although my workplace is casual enough to allow jeans during the week, distressing isn’t allowed. Doesn’t’ make sense for me to add something so limited to my wardrobe, so it will just be a trend I admire on others 🙂

    • I’m very lucky that my work place is so relaxed ao distressed jeans are perfect work attire. These Bohemian Traders jeans fo come in Indigo and black and neither are distressed so maybe they could be an option. I can’t rave enough about the fit of these jeans – I love them

  • Love a distressed skinny, might be tempted to grab these before they sell out!

    • You will need to be quick they are selling fast – I was going to wait but knew that I really wanted them so I just bit the bullet and got myself a pair

  • Last season I had distressed boyfriend style jeans. I definitely want to add a distressed skinny to my collection. BT has been on my radar, but I didn’t realise Rockmans offered jeans too. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • Both of these jeans are fabulous – I just think the distressed look adds a little bit more interest to plain jeans. Karen x

  • I want those bohemian traders jeans! They are so good. Having a laugh at the g-string story – I remember it too, so gross!

    • They are selling very fast Em – I would love a pair of the indigo ones as well but I may need to pace myself. I know the whole g-string thing was just wrong and they used to bedazzle them as well – what was with that

  • I love the look of the BT distressed jeans. I find buying jeans really hard however, thus unfortunately I’d never buy them without being able to try them on first. So I guess it’s to Rockmans I go! Lucky I like the look of the Rockmans ones too!

    • You won’t be disappointed the Rockmans jeans are fabulous – when you go try the biker jeggings as well. I tried them on at the A/W press day and loved the fit and the stitch detailing

  • Norlin Mustapha

    You look fab in those jeans Karen! I am still avoiding the distressed jeans look, just because it’s not for me. I think you look FABULOUS in them though! 🙂

    • I was very cautious at first too with the distressed jeans but once I stepped over the dark side I feel in love. But realise that its not a look for everyone. The BT come in an undistressed indigo as well, you should check out Rockmans plain jeans they are such a fabulous price.

  • Faye

    Hi Karen
    May I ask your height please? I am 150cm/4’11” and take a size 12 in Suzanne Grae jeans which really ‘just’ fit around the waist, however I then have a muffin top like you wouldn’t believe!!!
    Curious about the BT jeans but not a fan of there ‘no refund’ policy’. What size would you recommend for me?
    Thanks, Faye.

    • Hi Faye – I’m 162cm 5’4″ – I purchased my usual size of 10 and they are snug but fit well. But be aware they don’t have a huge amount of stretch so if you are in between sizes then go up a size. Apparently the dark wash – the ones that aren’t distressed are slightly a smaller fit so I would think the 14 maybe the size to go. If your looking for jeans also try Metalicus jeans they are the same price and you can try on in store. I got a pair last week and they are extremely comfortable – they have a lot of stretch in them and great waist height.
      I love both of them – it really depends on the look you are going for.
      Hopefully that info helps.
      Karen x

      • Faye

        Thanks so much Karen! I shall pop into Metalicus, and Rockmans next week. Fingers crossed! I would kill for at least 3 extra inches….have to be so careful with bulky fabrics in the cooler months. Have a lovely weekend. X