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I’m a gal that falls for things quickly and deeply.

And when that something catches my eye I spend hours searching the internet and in store for the perfect item. So I thought rather than letting all my research go to waste I would share these finds with you.

So what has caught my eye at the moment, is the cross body bag. I have a real weakness for handbags and regularly have multiple bags on the go. For me a handbag is part of the whole outfit so when planning what I wear I plan what bag goes with it.

Now I have been using a lot of totes of late as I tend to carry a lot of ‘stuff’ with me to work and for just walking into and out of work these are perfect but get very heavy if I’m carrying it around on my shoulder for hours eg. the hours I spend researching at the shops lol.

So my solution has been to keep the tote to take to work with me and to buy a mini cross body bag to keep my phone, keys, sunnies and bank cards in. It’s become a bit like a wallet with a strap. And when I’m just going out to the shops or out for lunch I can just take my cute little bag without lugging a large tote around with me.

So deciding what bag to buy has been the fun and hard part – I’m very picky!

I wanted one that the strap was long enough to across my body – you would think but the name cross body that this would be a given but it’s really not. Some of the bags should be ashamed to even use that name, the bags finish around my boobs not a good look.

I ended up finding the cutest RED (is that any surprise knowing my love of this colour) Belle and Bloom bag at the Boxing Day sales at The Iconic – the red is no longer available but here is the link for the blush pink colour.

Another benefit of my search was discovering Australian brand Belle and Bloom – I really love supporting local businesses. Belle and Bloom is a group of Sydney designers that have put their heads together to design fun affordable leather handbags. Now that I have found them this will not be my last purchase, I have already got my eye on a cute little black one for winter.

Now I will share a slightly embarrassing story when the bag arrived the strap wasn’t attached and I had no idea how to attach. I was on the verge of sending an email to say it was missing parts but just before I did I thought I would do a bit more research and found by looking on instagram that all I needed to do was ‘tie’ the ends of the chains to the links on top of the bag. It was so easy can’t believe it took me so long to figure it out.

Below I have put together some of the bags that I came across in my search, I have grouped them into Under $100 and Over $100. There should be something for every bodies budget.

Belle and Bloom Belmore bag – purchased on sale from The Iconic, pink version here $149.95 | Chambray Off the Shoulder Dress from Shop at Angelica – this dress is no longer available but they plenty of other gorgeous afforable items available online | Klouds Silver Lining Reagan Heels $179.95

From left to right : Colette Hayman Nala Stud Crossbody $44.99 – currently part of 50% off second bag deal | Cotton On Round Cross Body bag – Cherries $29.99 | Witchery Mindy Crossbody $79.95 | Colette Hayman Suri Quilt Crossbody $39.99

From left to right : Mimco Trance Mini Hip Bag $299.00 | Faithfull Camilla Bag $109.00 | Belle and Bloom New Belmore $229.95 – this bag arrives end of January and is currently 35% off on pre-purchase | Furla Metropolis Mini Crossbody $449.00

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