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Now if you are a child or a teenager of the 80’s you would remember the good old jelly shoes. I grew up in Darwin where thongs or flip flops were the unofficial state footwear, now I’m not a real thong girl so the jelly shoe was a favourite. The only problem was that as they were made out of PVC plastic they did have a habit of causing blisters.

So when I was contacted and asked if I would like to review a pair of Mox shoes, I was intrigued but slightly worried that I may encounter the same issues of my childhood.

It was a pleasant surprise when my Mox shoes arrived and I slipped them on. The Mox shoes are made from rubber that is soft, light weight and flexible. I have quite a narrow foot so was worried that they may be too big and not stay on but when you put them on they mould to your feet. I think this would be same if you also have wide feet.

Now as I said above I’m not really a thong girl – I think they look great on others but really struggle with it for me. So the concept of a cute shoe that I can wear like a thong is perfect for me.

As these are made of rubber they are extremely versatile, you can wear these for multiple activities from a day of shopping – to a day at the beach – to a day at the park.

I decided to road test mine today when we went out for a family BBQ at the park.

I wore mine with a pair of Country Road harem pants (recently picked up on sale), Witchery striped t-shirt and Sussan white denim jacket. The red was a fantastic contrast and I did feel a bit like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz – I wondered if I clicked my heels whether I would end up in Oz.

An afternoon storm did interrupt our picnic but for once I actually wasn’t worried about get my shoes wet and ruining them – an added a bonus.

They were even comfortable for the mad dash to the car.

We are planning a summer holiday in January and I think this will definitely be on the packing list. These are very light and only weigh 300 grams so are perfect for travel. They would easily fit into a large handbag fantastic for plane travel when you have to travel light.

They come in 13 different colours from neutrals – latte, metallics – gold or platinum, bolds – ruby (the colour that I’m wearing) or emerald, monochrone – black or white.

You can purchase a pair of these fun shoes here from Moxonline for $39.99.

Also check out their facebook page and instagram page to see all the different ways you can wear these shoes.




I did only manage a couple of photo’s in the park because of the storm, so I finished with a couple of photo’s at home.






Mox has a strong sense of responsibility to the world around them. So accordingly they have chosen to package their shoes in a 100% cotton, biodegradable, reusable string bags instead of the traditional cardboard shoe boxes. Please note when you receive your Mox, if they appear a little flat, try them on and you will find they quickly regain their shape.



  • the above items were gifted to me for editorial consideration.
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