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Now I have to start this with I’m a very much a jeans girl – they are like my everyday style uniform.

I love jeans in all their colours and fits. But sometimes I do hanker after a pretty dress and that real girlie feeling that comes with wearing one.

I have been following Little Party Dress on instagram for a while and looked wistfully (a bit like a kid in a candy store) at all the gorgeous dresses.

I kept thinking that I would have to bite the bullet and actually make a purchase soon. My biggest problem being I couldn’t decide which one.

Now as I have mentioned before (and you can’t miss really miss it) I have been blessed with a larger than average chest and this sometimes can make buying dresses tricky as they don’t always cater for the girls.

But wrap dresses are a large chested woman’s best friend – they are adjustable so fit around the girls and they also divide and separate, giving some shape. I don’t know if other large chested women find that a dress can sometimes make us look larger than we actually are as there is no definition around the waist and it can just drop straight down from the boobs. I can sometimes end up looking like I’m at least 6 months pregnant and I’m afraid that those days are gone for me.

So when I saw the Cha Cha Wrap dress $59.95 on Kel on instagram I decided the time was right to make my first purchase.

Now I should mention that there is free express postage on all order. So I placed my order on Sunday night and I received my order on Tuesday.

For the last week I have been wearing pants everyday and I felt like I was loosing my dress mojo. Well with this dress my dress mojo is back in full force!

I had planned to keep this dress for a special occasion but that went out the window when I put it on – there was going to be no waiting. I wore the Cha Cha Wrap Dress to work today JUST BECAUSE it made me feel GOOD.

This dress fitted in all the right places. With the wrap I could wear this as tight or as loose as I wanted, it emphasised my waist but flowed over the tummy area with no clinging. The sleeves are generous so there was no issue with it pulling and being too tight. I loved that it was slightly longer at the back and created a lovely shape and added interest. It was the ultimate in flowy and feminine but with the navy print it kept it for me from being too sugary sweet.

And let me say that my husband thought I looked good too. While taking photo’s this morning he was telling how gorgeous I looked and that he wanted to take me somewhere special for dinner on the weekend so I could wear this dress again.

So I can definitely call this ‘My Feel Good’ dress not only did I feel good wearing it but it looks like I got a date out of it – a winning dress if I ever had one. I don’t think this will be my last purchase from Little Party Dress – I’m currently eyeing off some pretty skirts. This could end up being very dangerous to the credit card.


As this dress is a true wrap dress it does create quite a deep V neck so to make this work approciate I have added a strapless cami to cover up a little bit of the cleveage. You could also just add a safety pin and this would also solve this issue.


The print on this dress is quite bold and gorgeous I have kept the accessories very simple with minimal jewellery and nude heels from Witchery. It would also work well with tan accessories, which are a summer favourite of mine.



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  • So is this the dress you will be wearing on the weekend?! 😉

    • I’m still tossing up – you have decisions with shoes and I have two whole outfits I can’t decide between 😜 but this dress is not one of them.

      • You looked beautiful x

        • Thanks Janet – I decided to wear something that I wouldn’t wear in my day to day life. I really loved your dress – I love the print, I’ve got my eye on a skirt with a similar print.