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I wasn’t going to BLOG this week, I thought that I would take the week off and do nothing but laze on the couch, eat chocolate and shop the sales.

So I’ve watched so many CSI shows – original Las Vegas, Miami, New York and Los Angeles that I think that I could get a job in forensics. CSI is my guilty pleasure, my husband now just shakes his head and locks himself in the office and plays his guitar.

I’ve eaten my body weight in chocolate and even though I’m not a quitter it may be time to only eat one row not a whole block per sitting.

And shopping well I could do that till the cows come home but unfortunately my bank account won’t allow it.

So I thought a great distraction from the endless crime shows, chocolate and online shopping would be to write a BLOG post.

I think most of us become nostalgic in the week between Christmas and New Year.

We start panicking that all those New Years resolutions that we made last year we still haven’t got there.

No point panicking those 5 kgs that you wanted to lose this year are not going to melt off as you sleep this week.

I uploaded my most liked posts Instagram of 2015 as voted by you on – its a fun way to look back on the past year and stirs up a lot of memories.

I always think its interesting to see what people have loved. Some of these would not have been my most favourite looks but it just goes to show how individual we are.


Now here comes the nostalgic part – I have really loved 2015 it has been a year of meeting new people, starting new things My BLOG (scary but exciting) and continuing to post everyday as part of the everydaystyle hashtag.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the 2 year anniversary of #everydaystyle this year and it was fabulous to meet so many of the beautiful women that I connect with daily on Instagram in person. And let me tell you they are every bit as fabulous in real life as they are in their pictures. You can read about what I wore here.

NOW one of the very most AMAZING things that happened to me in 2015 was becoming a grandmother to the most beautiful little girl Harper. Giving birth to your own children is amazing but when they have their own children it is MIND blowing,

I’m always amazed how the human heart has an endless capacity to love. This little girl has completely stolen my heart and it is her’s for eternity.

It has been so beautiful to see what wonderful parents my Son and Daughter-in-law are – that little girl is a real blessing to them and is also really blessed to have such loving parents.

And look at that face – it has cheeky written all over it she makes me laugh already! Fun times ahead.


I’m looking forward to growing my BLOG further in 2016 – I still find the whole blog writing a bit scary but you know what I love it so I refuse to give into the voices in my head telling me that my ramblings aren’t worth writing down.

I was talking to my Mum over lunch the other day and she was talking about being ‘Truly Magnificent’ in all that you do. Now I don’t think that my BLOG is ‘Truly Magnificent’ yet and it may never be but it makes me happy and it is a step in the right direction.

So as the year draws to a close and I reflect over the past year and look forward to the new year – I feel a real sense of achievement and look forward to all the new experiences and challenges that are ahead.

AND I will try and lose those 5 kgs in 2016 – I just have to try and kick the chocolate addiction!

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  • You’ve had a great year – congrats on welcoming such a beautiful granddaughter too! 🙂 Family really is the most precious thing.

    Hope that you have a wonderful 2016 and meet all of your goals and resolutions!

    • Thank you Mica – it has been a great year. Family really is the most important thing – the rest is just window dressing.
      Hope 2016 is full of love and laughter xxx

  • What a fun and fabulous year you’ve had Karen! You know I’m a big fan of your IG posts and style and your grand daughter is just beautiful…. Cheers to a fab 2016 xx

    • Thanks Malinda she is the cutest! Looking forward to this year and all that lays ahead. Hope you had a wonderful new year xxx

  • What a little cutie your granddaughter is – although I really cannot think of you as a grandmother – too young and gorgeous! I do hope you continue blogging. It’s so nice to get know people beyond the insta fashion posts.

    • Oh shucks thanks Robyna love being a Nanna and I’m extremely biased but I think she is the sweetest little girl. Looking forward to continuing with my BLOG this year and all that it entails x

  • What a wonderful look back over the year with you Karen…and that little Grand Daughter of yours is simple beautiful – no wonder your so in love with her! xxx
    Here’s to 2016 being filled with love and laughter!

    • She is just beautiful and so cheeky just like her Dad! She will a lot of fun as she gets older and keep her parents on their toes. Looking forward to a 2016 filled with so many new possibilities xx