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Now let me just say that sometimes I can be slow to jump on a trend but once embraced I do tend to go a bit nuts.

The Off the Shoulder trend is the perfect example of this.

I resisted this trend with great gusto – I purchased a gorgeous white off the should lace from Katies months ago but took it back straight away. I needed time I just wasn’t ready.

One of the biggest hurdles for me (as a big boobed gal) was the horror and uncomfort wearing a strapless bra.

I still hate the strapless bra but I have found a way to wear my normal bra but with the straps pulled down on my arms under the top. This may be a bit unorthodox but it works and is so much more comfortable than my strapless bra.

So far I have given into my obsession with 3 off the shoulder tops – check out my Instagram page to see how I have worn them.

But up until now I have not been brave enough to purchase a dress, this was until I saw the Dover White Anglaise Dress from Blue Bungalow.

This combined all my summer loves – white, 100% cotton and lace.

This had to be my first off shoulder dress and the added bonus was the price of $59.00 – to find all my summer loves in one place for under $100.00 made it a must have.

Now imagine my excitement when I recieved the dress that not only was the dress everything I had thought it also had POCKETS!

The holy grail when it comes to a dress in my book and I know a lot of you ladies feel the same.

Now the dress is very light so a little see-through but I wore nude underwear and it wasn’t an issue, but next time I may wear a short slip.

I love the sleeves on this dress with their lace detailing – they are 3/4 sleeve and loose; so lovely and cool for the summer months. Also the longer length is great for those ladies that like to cover the top of their arms.

I think that any women can work the off the shoulder trend – I think that bare shoulders is such a great look on any women. It can tend to be a little bit more flattering than the spaghetti strap top.

I kept the accessories quite minimal and let the dress do most of the talking.

I love the combination of tan and white – so fresh for summer. So I added a pair of tan lace up sandals (another of my obsessions) from Famous Footwear Newlook $69.99.

The other combination that I love with white is silver and turquoise. So I added a gorgeous long necklace made by Fiona from Sister In Style $40.00.

These necklaces really are special and limited run on each colour -so if you see a colour you love don’t wait. I love a long necklace as I find it helps elongate my body and break up the block colour.


Now because I have kept my jewellery and footwear quite simple I can afford to go all out with my handbag/tote.

Blue Bungalow sell an amazing line of casual canvas and leather handle bags/totes in the most fabulous bright colours.

This one Pink & Raspberry Hive Jaipur Bag – $39.00 (gifted) is the perfect pop of colour for the all white dress. It will also be perfect for our upcoming beach holiday.

The bag has a zip closure, lined inside with a zip pocket perfect for your keys or phone.


NOW just before I go did I mention that this dress has pockets – sigh, you had me at hello!

If you would rather another colour other than white then this dress also comes in black and blue.


So are you in love with the Off the Shoulder trend or would you prefer to avoid it?

L~ F
  • Super gorgeous! Love the longer sleeves on this frock and the tan sandals give it a pretty/tough edge.

    • The longer sleeves with the lace detailing really are gorgeous, I was a bit worried it would be too much fabric but works perfectly.

  • Gosh I LOVE this…so glad to hear you’ve embraced off-the-shoulder with gusto Karen xx Oh and let’s put our hands together for the POCKETS!

    • It took me a while but now I will be on off shoulder overload. Yes how amazing to find out it had pockets 😍

  • Seriously pretty dress Karen and you are right, white with silver and turquoise are just made to go together. Love how you have styled and layered one of my necklaces. Thank you.

    • It really is stunning Fiona and your necklace was the perfect accessory. It’s the perfect accessory for nearly my whole wardrobe

  • Beautiful. I couldn’t see myself in this dress (though never say never) but it suits you to a T!

    • You never know Janet – if you had asked me a couple of months ago I would have said the same thing. But know I’m loving it – my suggestion would may start with a top and see if you like it.

  • That is the perfect summer dress! 🙂 I like the cut out detail.

    I definitely need a supportive bra so the off the shoulder trend isn’t for me, but I admire it on others 🙂

    • That has been my issue in the past , I’m a DD gal and cannot get away without underwire in my life. But found a different way of wearing my bra that seems to work.
      With this dress you can wear the sleeves on your shoulders and it looks great and enables you to wear a normal bra.

  • This looks lovely. I like the idea of off the shoulder, but the whole having to wear a strapless bra thing does my head in. I find them so uncomfortable.

    • Yes strapless bras are one of the most uncomfortable things for women to wear. But I just wear a normal bra with the straps pulled down slightly not ideal but better than a strapless bra.
      You can wear this dress with the arms on your shoulders thus avoiding the strapless bra issues

  • I have a thing for white cotton broderie dresses AND off the shoulder. This may be my idea of the perfect summer dress – it looks gorgeous on you!! Kate x

    • Me too Kate – it really is the perfect summer dress and it also comes in a shirt/blouse that would look perfect with jeans! I may cave and purchase soon

  • Such a gorgeous dress!! I can see why you’re in love with it. And that price is fantastic. I must go check it out and that gorgeous bright bag too!! xx

    • Thanks Wendy, Blue Bungalow have so many beautiful dress and tops and great prices. I love the bag I think its so much fun – they have so many bright colours, it will be perfect for the beach.

  • I love the off the shoulder tops. I am with you though, the strapless bra thingy is a problem. I wear bandeaux but they sort of give you a funny extra boob under the arm! I get away with a top with a layer over the top, if you know what i mean. It hides the boobs, and i may or may not even forget to wear a bra sometimes! I am in LOVE with your dress. It is the perfect boho look for you. You look gorgeous x

    • So many women feel the same about strapless bras you think they could design something that is actually comfortable to wear. I do know what you mean with a layer it just disguises the lack of a bra 😊. The dress has the perfect amount of boho to it – not too over the top.

  • Norlin Mustapha

    I cannot seem to find an off-shoulder dress that isn’t over priced but yours… omg BARGAIN and it’s lovely!

    • I know some are a ridiculous price and for something that is a fad I don’t like spending too much money

  • I loved off the shoulder all spring & summer. Now it is a bit too cold for me to wear exposed shoulders, but I love this look on you! Very pretty & right on trend