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I’m about to embark on my first work related overnight interstate trip. Now while this is exciting it also causes a little bit of nervous energy.

What do I wear?

What do I pack?

These are a few of the questions that I have been pondering over the last few weeks.

I work for a sporting goods company and my job has been in the process of evolving over the last few weeks/months. This has meant a whole world of new things to learn and very busy long days. I’m moving from being purely accounts based to a position that I will get to deal with people a lot more.

For someone that loves people this is a very positive and exciting move.

But enough of that let’s get back to the serious business of fashion!

My business trip will be for 3 days and will include a lot of walking, setting up and taking down of stands and standing for hours on end.

So what is my number 1 requirement?


So with this in mind I set out on a very last minute shopping expedition – did I mention that I have been busy, battling a cold and that my best work is performed under pressure. That is my justification for leaving it 2 days before I travel to go shopping for new shoes – when online purchasing is no longer an option.

With credit card in hand I headed out to Westfield Chermside – my go to shopping centre.

I checked out all my usual stores David Jones, Myers, Witchery, Country Road, Kmart, Target. NO success.

Then I came across Footgear and some Frankie4 ELLiE – problem solved or so I thought. As I asked for my size I was informed that they are so popular there a very few sizes left. Fingers crossed they have one left in my size, they come in 3 colours surely there would be one of the colours in a size 7. (I had contacted FRANKiE4 by email on the Thursday and they had told me they had sold out – so this was my last resort)


No size 7 – eek! Panic started to overtake me, what now?

Before I could really get myself too worked up. The sales assistant informed me there was a 7.5 in silver, maybe it would fit. With much trepidation I slipped my foot in. I now know how Cinderella felt slipping her foot into her glass slipper – it was like coming home. Crisis averted.

So my footwear is sorted for my work trip what about the rest……………..

COMMUNITY SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: keep your eye out for the new season FRANKiE4 releasing Sept/Oct. There are some gorgeous wedges coming!

Teamed my ELLiE’s with a new chambray dress picked up from Temt $39.95 – chambray seems to in all the stores again this spring/summer season.


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