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As the weather continues to warm up my search for the perfect summer short starts.

As a short girl with short legs I sometimes find it hard to find shorts that work for me.

I love the look of the shorts that end at your knees but unfortunately for me they tend to cut my legs in half and make me look short and stumpy!

I have found over the years that a shorter short works much better for my short legs but as you get older you don’t want a short where your butt is hanging out. So the tricky thing is to find a pair that finishes about mid thigh or just slightly shorter than that.

I recently received a gift card from Mix Apparel and as I’m an impatient gal I wanted to spend it straight away. I went online to see what they had on offer, I’m very partial to their denim clothes and have made quite a few purchases in the past.

So I went online thinking that I would look to see their latest denim offerings, now I did find a gorgeous faded denim shirt and purchased it. But I still had some money left on my voucher so I went looking to see what else I wanted.

I found these cute shorts and as they were only $15.00 I thought I would give them a try. I went for the sand taupe colour but they also come in navy and army green.

On the model these looked quite short so I decided to go up a size as I wanted a relaxed fit and slightly longer look.

When I received my parcel I was curious to see if the shorts would fit and actually look any good.

As I had gone up a size I did find that the waist was slightly loose but I decided that wearing a belt would solve this problem. I loved the relaxed fit and the length so the slightly loose waist was a compromise I was willing to make.

The slightly longer fit makes these suitable to wear with a pair of heels out for shopping or a date and they are also great for casual weekend wear.

I wore the shorts today for a morning tea date with my Mum and then out to the movies with Mister 15. We went and saw ‘The Maze Runner’ – now I did really enjoy it but Mister 15 didn’t warn me that it had Zombies in it. So I did spend a bit of time with my eyes closed and my fingers in my ears – I’m a bit of a scaredy cat and don’t usually watch anything with Zombies or anything Undead in it.

I’m slightly obsessed with cold shoulder tops from Katies so I added a striped one $29.95  (the striped one has nearly sold out online but this shirt doesn’t come in a few different colours) with my new necklace from Ilya’s Honey Jewellery – Bergamot Gloss Pearl $65.00 and a pair of Lilliannai wedges.

I was very happy with these shorts and think that another colour may be on the to buy list. I think for only $15.00 these are nearly too good to be true, if you haven’t already checked out Mix Apparel these shorts may be a great reason to do so.


Mix Apparel Basic Shorts $15.00 | Army Green | Midnight | Sandy Taupe


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