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It’s the first day of Autumn and the nights have started to cool off.

Hubby and I have completely different body temperatures for sleeping – which quite often leads to a a disagreement (one that I usually win I won’t lie). He loves nothing more than no fan and no covers, I on the other hand feel the heat and want to have the fan on and under the sheet. I think the reason for my increased body heat is due to the onset of menopause one of the lovely side effects. But the cooler weather at night does mean no more fighting over the whole fan situation.

But with the cooler weather on its way (very slowly here in Qld) and my mind starts to turn towards jackets.

If you have visited a store or shop online in the last month you would see that autumn/winter has arrived already in fashion land.

Sometimes it’s hard to think about winter dressing when the outside temperatures are still warm if not hot. BUT I have found that the great items go quickly and by the time it gets really cold those items that I loved have all but disappeared.

For me the three jacket must haves are this season are: Black Blazer, Denim Jacket and then something FUN and this season its all about the bomber jacket.

I have tried to give Luxe and Less options below for all three different types of jackets.


If you are going to invest in any piece this season a Black Blazer is it.

A blazer is such a classic piece that can be dressed up or down – my favourite way to wear it is with a striped tee, denim and a pair of heeled booties or a pair of leopard flats but it also look gorgeous with a pencil skirt and pretty blouse.

For the below outfit I have added a pair of drop crotch pants to mix it up a little bit. I do realise that drop crotch are not everyone’s cup of tea but I love them. You could swap out the drop crotch for a pair of distressed jeans or for a more dressing look a pair of dark denim skinnies.

Witchery Double Button Blazer $279.95 (also available in navy) | Witchery Stripe Scoop T-shirt $39.95 | Style Laundry Distressed Denim Drop Crotch Pants – currently out of stock but a full length version is coming soon | Wittner Raina Bootie on sale $99.95 – I picked mine up at David Jones on the weekend.



From left to right – Country Road Soft Jacket $279.00 | Sportsgirl Slouchy Blazer $109.95 | Target Edge to Edge Blazer $49.00 | Millers Long Sleeve Ponte  Jacket $35.00



If you follow me on Instagram you will be aware of my love affair with denim jackets.

I cannot live without them – they never get packed away in my wardrobe. They get a workout all year round – in the hot summer months I wear them tied around my waist to create shape and as it gets cooler one of my favourite ways to wear them is with summer dresses. For me its all about getting full use out of my wardrobe and being able to re-purpose clothes from one season to the other.

Rockmans Denim Jacket – no longer available but check out this season version below | Fuschia Designs Kimsoo Dress $65.00 | Rubi Shoes Heels – no longer available


From left to right – SEED Cropped Denim Jacket $129.95 | Feather and Noise Aiden Jacket $79.00 | Rockmans Long Sleeve Knitted Go To Denim Jacket $59.99 | Jeanswest Kirby Knit Denim Jacket $109.00



The bomber jacket is back this winter and it’s coming in prints, satin and sequins.

This would be my pick for a FUN piece this season but as with any TREND the best option is the low cost version that doesn’t matter if you only get one season out of it.

I found this cute Floral Bomber jacket from Cotton On – don’t discount the cheap chain stores, these are the places to pick up the latest trend at a great price.

The below sequined version from Supre (also comes in black) would be great for a night out. Supre I know is a store that is mainly aimed at teenagers but you can still find some great items you just need to be picky, just maybe stay away from the midriff slogan tees.

Cotton On Candice Crepe Bomber Printed $59.95 | Lamington Ave Basics Range Black Three Quarter Sleeve Top and Fitted Midi Skirt | Witchery Heels – no longer available | Uberkate Love Lines – large $225.00 |JORD Frankie Wood Watch – see here from your chance to win a $100.00 voucher


From left to right – Cotton On Fergie High Shine Bomber Jacket $59.95 | French Connection Foil Spot Bomber Jacket $149.95 | Sussan Navy Printed Bomber Jacket $119.95 | Supre Sequin Bomber Jacket $60.00



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  • As you know my love of jackets matches yours (if the weather was cool enough in our neck of the woods, I would wear one everyday without fail). The way you’ve styled the Witchery jacket is spot on – my kind of outfit…but you knew that already!

    • So I promised I would reply sorry for the delay my friend broke her ankle and I’ve so distracted and worried I forgot 😜 I’m jumping on your band wagon. But yes a classic jacket is a must have in a wardrobe, I just wish the weather would get cooler so I can wear it more often

  • Lauren Aiken

    Are the Wittner Raina boots comfy, I want to order some online?

    • I find them surprisingly comfortable as they have a decent heel on them. The only issue is that they have quite a solid lip around the top, on one ankle at the back this has rubbed for my first couple of wears but the more I wear the softer this becomes. I’m wearing mine nearly every second day at the moment- just love the look

      • Lauren Aiken

        Thanks very much

  • That sequin bomber jacket had me racing to the Supre website… you’re such an enabler 😉