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A bit of a different blog for me today – I had planned on blogging about a Race Look from Lulu Manna today but Mother Nature had different ideas and it hasn’t stopped raining here for 5 days. While I’m loving the rain this has meant no outside photos.

So I decided to share my thoughts on self-tanning products I have been using for the last couple of months.

I love the look of a tan but the only tan I have these days comes out of a bottle.

As the weather heats up and more skin is on show I always feel just a little more confident when I have a little bit of colour.

Skin cancer is something that I’m very conscious of – I don’t leave the house these days without sunscreen on my face, even when I know I’m going to spending all day in the office. I try and make sure my makeup also has sunscreen in it.

So in my search for a bottle tan that won’t turn me into an Oomph Loomph I have been trialling the below three products.

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold – Self Tanning Dry Oil | Selfie Tan n Go Mousse Medium – Dark | Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Dark


  • Clean dry skin
  • Exfoliate the night before to get rid of any dry skin
  • No deodorant or you will end up with white under arms – I speak from experience
  • Don’t shave legs just before applying otherwise you will end up with little brown spots – again I speak from experience
  • Apply a quick swipe of moisturiser on the dry parts of the body – elbows, ankles, heels, knees. I also add some to my hands.


  • A tanning mitt – I use the LE TAN Application Mitt $9.99 from Priceline. I have used a couple of different ones but I like this one the best. Its double sided, long lasting, the fabric is smooth and allows for an even application, very easy to wash and dry between uses.
  • Something loose and dark to sit around in while you develop.

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry Oil – $19.99

I was put onto this product by Kate from One Cool Mother. Kate is a fountain of knowledge on anything beauty related so when she told me that the gorgeous glow she was rocking had come out of a bottle I had to try it.

What I love about this product is that it is mess free!

For me this is one of the biggest bonuses.

The application is so easy as this oil has very little colour you don’t have to worry about spilling on the floor but the downside about the lack of colour is that you can’t see it on the skin.

You need to be very particular about applying this as you don’t want to end up with white patches from where you’ve missed sections.

On the bottle this has that it develops in 2 – 3 hours but I leave this on longer. As it has no colour you can apply this and once its dry you can put your clothes over the top. I have applied this in the morning before work and gotten dressed and by the time I come home I’m a nice golden brown.

I also sleep in this one, putting it on before bed and washing it off in the morning. Hubby does say that it is a bit like sleeping with a cookie dough scented wife but that is the only side effect, it doesn’t come off on the sheets and I really love the natural colour this one gives me.

♥ purchased from Priceline

Selfie Tan n Go Bronzing Mousse – $19.99

I purchased this mousse when I ran out of the Bondi Sands Oil and when to buy more but found it wasn’t stocked at Chemist Warehouse.

This one grabbed my attention as it had the words ‘1 Hour Express’ on the label and came with a free tanning mitt, I’m impatient and like free stuff so it was a no brainer to buy. Once I got this home I read that the longer that you leave this on the deeper/darker the tan.

I found that only one hour gives you a light glow – I didn’t find this dark enough for me but if I was in a rush and wanted some form of colour then this would be fine.

I have left this on for 3 hours and while the colour was quite good I did find it slightly patchy though maybe this was just down to hurried my application skills.

I didn’t like the tanning mitt that comes with this at all – one side is for applicating and the other side is just thin stretch material. The biggest issue is that you end up with tan stains on the side of you little finger and thumb as the tan soaks through the sides of the mitt.

♥ purchased from Chemist Warehouse.

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Dark – $34.95

After a text message to Bev from Iris May Style to ask what tan she used to get her gorgeous tan colour.

I love the colour of the tan it has a lovely natural colour, when I use this I do receive compliment on my tan. The only downside would be that it takes 6 hours to get the full colour.

This is easy to apply, the mousse glides on very nicely. I did use this for my face by just wiping the mitt over my face quickly at the end with just the mousse that was left on the mitt.

For me I only use this when I know I have plenty of time for it to develop for the full 6 hours.

Now Bev assures me that you can put it on before bed put on a onesie and let it develop all night but two things scare me about this 1. that I will end up very very brown and 2. that my bed will look like I’ve turned into a chocolate lady and melted into the bed sheets.

I needed to be bold and gives this a chance maybe I will leave it to a time that I don’t have somewhere to go the next day in case I have a disaster.

♥ purchased from David Jones

I have not been gifted any of these items – the opinions expressed are my own formed after using the products.

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  • Have faith my gorgeous friend…buy the onesie and sleep in that Loving Tan (if possible do it the night before your sheets need changing 😉 ) – you will LOVE the result. It lasts so well if you moisturise daily too!
    I am however also a little intrigued by the oil – so I may just have to try that as well.
    Great post – and I am so over this rain btw xxx

    • I was so tempted the other day but what stopped me was hot flashes and trying to sleep in a onesie. I will be brave soon I will just have to make sure I don’t have work the next day – I couldn’t live it down if I turned into an oompha loompha
      You should try the oil it’s seriously fabulous you can put it on go to with and that afternoon you’re lovely and tan, you just need to get used to smelling like cookie dough

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    My daughter uses Bondi Sands & loves it … if I do a tan its a spray tan. Its also a time/impatience thing with me. So I opt for spray tan. After reading your post I should give it a go. Thx for the ideas xx

    • What I also love about home fake tan is the cost per use, I get quite a few tans out of each bottle. The other plus is the only person to see me naked is hubby when he does my back.
      Definitely give it a go you need to try everything at least once 😜

  • Suzie

    I’m always looking for a perfect (fake) tan and apart from the Naked Tan at my local salon, I really like the Le Tan gradual tanning lotion. They have a newer version out which contains argan oil but the old one didn’t really need improving. The colour is great and it’s easy to maintain. Put on in the morning and by the end of the day there’s a nice colour. Inexpensive at chemist warehouse xx

    • I find I’m just not organised to book ahead for a fake tan 😜 It’s usually a last minute decision that I’m too white. I must try the Le Tan lotion I like the idea that it has argan oil in it – I find as I age my skin gets dryer so this would definitely help.