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Our China trip seems like a distant memory and yet we only arrived home two weeks ago today.

China as a holiday destination was a spur of the moment decision for us.

I had thought we would never travel on a long haul international flight – hubby hates plane travel and the cramped quarters you have to endure. Hubby has long legs so plane seats offer him very little room, as soon as the person in front puts back their seat his knees are hard up against the back of the plane.

So when he rang me at work 6 months ago to ask if I was interested in going to China on a guided tour, I didn’t ask too many questions I just said yes!

Only after we paid and booked did I really start to think about where we were going. China has never been on my travel wish list and I wasn’t sure that it was a place that I even really wanted to go to.

We travelled to China on a guided tour with Trip a Deal – a two for one deal that cost us $1999.00 for 10 days (we paid an extra $500.00 as we had to fly from Brisbane to Sydney). This price included all air fares flying QANTAS, 4 star accommodation, all breakfasts and coach transport. You can see by this price why it was such an impulse buy. the price really was too good to pass up. This deal is not currently available but there is a 11 day deal now on offer. (not sponsored)

China was so much more than we had expected – we had a fabulous time there was so much to see, China is full of so much history and beauty. I have included some photos below just to show you a little snapshot of our travels. Now while the photos do look quite peaceful it was a bustling busy country and the driving skills of the Chinese people is something you need to see to believe. Our guide informed us that traffic lights in China are just a suggestion!

Guided group travel has never been something that really appealed to me but I have to say it was for us the best way to see and experience China. We had fabulous tour guides that were extremely knowledgeable, made us laugh and also coped really well with all the different personalities that our group of 36 contained.

What really made are trip were the fabulous friends we made along the way, there was lots of laughter, fabulous new experiences and amazing food. China was an amazing place to visit and we packed so much into our short stay that we nearly needed a holiday when we got home.

I thought I would share my travel outfits, some for the first time and again if you follow me on instagram as I shared these along the way.

Just a little heads up in China most social media apps and Google is blocked by what is called the “The Great Firewall” if you want to use any of these while you are there you can get around this by using a VPN or if you’d rather as quite a few people did just take a break from social media for your time there. If you don’t want to take a break I can recommend Express VPN this worked really well for us -you can have up to 3 devices to an account, it was quick and wasn’t too expensive.

But back to what I wore – I will put my hand up straight away and say I’m an over-packer. Hubby tried to suggest early on that I take a small carry on style suitcase.  I just laughed, that was never going to happen.

It has been a very long time since I last travelled overseas so I admit I was very rusty in knowing what to pack. I tried to research what to take for the months leading up to our trip. We were going from our warm spring weather to autumn in China and I had no real idea on how cold it was going to be.

I packed a couple of jackets, jeans, one light thermal under shirt and a few shirts. I packed a couple of pairs of jeans but all I ended up wearing was my boots and kicks. I learnt a bit about what to pack so next time I even think I maybe able to take a smaller case NOT carry style but slightly smaller.

DAY 1 – Brisbane to Beijing Sassind Yoga Pants $59.95 (a generous sizing – I sized down) | Sassind Cotton Boxy Tee $39.00 | Sassind 100% Woven Cotton Shawl $79.00 (all generously gifted) | Witchery Leah Sneaker $129.95 and Handbag – no longer available | I added a Cotton On Guitar Strap for a longer and wider strap $12.95

DAY 2 – Beijing Bohemian Traders Skinny High Waisted Jeans $139.00 | Witchery Blouse – purchased on sale | Frankie 4 SALLi Boots tan $289.95 (gifted)

DAY 3 – Beijing Bohemian Traders Skinny High Waisted Jeans $139.00 | Witchery Leah Sneaker $129.95 | Witchery Striped Linen Tank $49.95 | Iconic Red Coat purchased on sale

DAY 4 – Beijing Bohemian Traders White Blazer $189.00 and Khaki Droppies $139.00 | Witchery Leah Sneaker $129.95

DAY 5 – Travel to Hangzhou Bohemian Traders Skinny High Waisted Jeans $139.00  Feather and Noise Vest – purchased on sale | Bohemia Blouse (gifted)

DAY 6 – Hangzhou Lamington Ave A line Jersey Top $129.00 and Straight Jersey Skirt $120.00 | Birdsnest Boho Bird Heartbeat Denim Jacket $99.95 (all kindly gifted) | Witchery Leah Sneaker $129.95

DAY 7 – Suzhou to Shanghai Feather and Noise Rosie Tunic Dress $59.00 | Feather and Noise Miller Pleather Biker Jacket $149.00 | Frankie 4 SALLi Boots tan $289.95 (gifted)

DAY 8 – Shanghai MahaShe Katia Top Daisy $79.00 | Birdsnest Boho Bird Always There For Me Boyfriend Jeans $99.95

DAY 9 & 10 – Shanghai to Brisbane Birdsnest Boho Bird You’re My Hero $119.95 (gifted) | Frankie 4 SALLi Boots tan $289.95 (gifted) | Witchery Mila Jean $99.95

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  • Loved your whole China wardrobe – it actually super impressed me. You looked so polished and fabulous every single day. The pops of China red were genius too…oh and so was the guitar strap! xx