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Sunday was an exciting day for us – Hubby’s band was playing their first gig at the Scorcherfest in Fortitude Valley.

Mister 15 and I dropped him off in the morning to set up for his set in the afternoon.

We had a few hours to kill so we decided to go to Southbank for lunch and I also thought it would be the perfect setting to take some photo’s for today’s blog post.

I have to give Mister 15 his due – he’s not super keen on taking photo’s but he does it anyway, with only minimal complaining.

So with Melbourne Cup just around the corner I thought it was the perfect time to feature a dress for under $50.00.

If you’re like me you don’t get many chances to get all frocked up and go to the races. Now while I’d love to go spend up big and buy a designer frock this isn’t really in my budget so when I came across this gorgeous Big W dress for only $45.00 on Peter Morrissey’s Instagram account, I had to check it out.


I got lucky and found it at my local Big W along with a whole range of spring inspired Peter Morrissey clothes, in a beautiful bright colour pallet. I stayed strong and only took the maxi dress with me to the dressing room to try on, but I may just make another visit at a later date.

I have spoken before on the blog about Short Girl – SG problems and one of those problems is finding a maxi dress that doesn’t swamp my frame, a pattern that doesn’t overpower and also doesn’t drag along the ground when I walk. This dress was a big tick for all of those points.

Now this dress is quite fitted so I did go up a size to fit in the chest area (I’m a 10 DD – E in that area so it can be difficult to find a fitted dress that works).

While I love dressing up I do struggle with wearing really pretty dresses – this dress is what I would call really pretty and feminine. I would call my style CLASSIC WITH A TWIST  and I so often just stay in my safetly zone of plain colours with a lot of black, white, nude and denim. This dress really does step outside my natural style but I saw it and loved it and as it was only $45.00 I knew it was a step I could afford.

I think that when you do step outside your normal style zone that it should be baby steps that don’t break the bank. Once you get more confident then you can up the anti and the price point.

Anyway back to this gorgeous dress – this I think would be absolutely perfect to wear to the spring races with its flowing skirt and pretty print, all it needs is a fascinator and your set for a fantastic day. I think it would give any designer dress a run for its money. This dress is currently not online but will be shortly.

It just goes to show that you don’t have spend 100’s of dollars to look good, you can get a spring racing look for under $50.00.

I’m wearing a mauve pair of Lilliannai heels and a Witchery handbag, the belt comes with the dress but you can take it out if you would rather wear it without.

I have included quite few photo’s below – I’m a very visual person and love to see photo’s of what I’m interested in, so I blog how I like to read or see.








L~ F
  • WOW! That dress is all kinds of amazing. You look fabulous. V x

    • Thanks V it is gorgeous – pattern and colours are not what I would normally go for but I just couldn’t resist. Felt very feminine in it xxx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Such a gorgeous dress and for such a great price! It does look fitted but I do like that as it creates shape and looks tailored. Must nip down the Mall and take a peek I think! Great pics at SouthBank too!

    • Thanks Nat, it’s is quite tailored and also fully lined amazing quality for the price. They do also have a top in the same fabric. Yes South Bank is always a perfect spot