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Summer loving – Blue Bungalow

Living in the Brisbane and it’s gorgeous warm climate, summer clothes take up a large portion of my wardrobe.

So when buying clothes I look for items that are light enough for me wear over the long hot summer we experience.

With this is in mind I came across Blue Bungalow on Instagram.

Now I have to say in the last year Instagram has become my shopping inspiration, with the discovery of many new retailers.

What I really love about this is that I get to see real women in clothes not just models. Getting to see a true representation of how a certain item may suit me.

If you need any outfit inspiration just check at Nikki from Styling You Instagram hashtag #everydaystyle. I have got into the habit of posting daily – check my instagram account here. A godsend when you hit that “I have nothing to wear” dilemma.

Anyway back to the subject at hand – the fabulous summer inspired clothes from Blue Bungalow.

As we are in the last few days of winter and the weather is heating up but still not what I would call hot. I wanted to get something I could wear now.

I’m a very instant gratification type of gal, I’m not going to deny it.

I found a fabulous a dress called Embroidered Ink Dress $89.95.

This is made from 100% viscose so is light enough to wear in the summer months but with its long sleeves warm enough to wear now.

I’m wearing it in two different ways –

  1. With a Western Tan belt $35.00 (did I mention they also sell some fantastic accessories) and Lilliannai wedges currently on sale 3 pairs for $100.00 – check out their instagram account.
  2. For those cooler days I’ve added a  Mix Apparel denim jacket – similar one can be found here $35.00 and my favourite pair of RMK boots.





I also found the Patchwork Kimono $69.00. Kimonos are extremely versatile addition to any wardrobe.

The colours in this kimono will enable me to wear it with many of my existing wardrobe items.

I’m wearing it in two different ways –

  1. Sussan Fashion Distressed jeans $99.95 and Mix Apparel white tee $6.00 and backless booties Lilliannai –  part of the 3 pairs for $100.00
  2. Simple ASOS black tshirt dress, Ilya’s Honey necklace $45.00 and Mauve Lilliannai heels – part of the 3 pairs for $100.00.




This was my first purchase from Blue Bungalow but it certainly won’t be my last. Blue Bungalow have a retail store in Newstead Qld but for those you that don’t live in Brisbane they also have a fantastic online store – with free express shipping for orders over $100.00.

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  • Wendy

    Gorgeous Karen, I have had loads of inspiration for IG, and copied a few of your looks. The downside to everyday style is I don’t have a large enough clothing budget to get all the lovely things I need (or want) ! Love your blog xx

    • I completely emphasis with you Wendy, my clothing budget isn’t unlimited either. I try and pick and choose those looks I really like and that have longevity and buy those pieces. Or I will see if I can use something from my existing wardrobe to get a similar look.
      Thank you so much for reading my blog xxxxx