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This post has been a long time coming. I take outfit photos everyday and happily share these on my Instagram page here.

But sharing a swimwear photo really took me outside (far outside) my comfort zone.

I don’t think I’m alone with this.

I’m like most women I have certain hang ups when it comes to my body.

I’m proud of the fact that my body carried 4 beautiful children without any problems, that at 48 it is strong and healthy.

But my stomach is not as flat as it used to be, carrying 4 children full term has meant that I have wobbly bits and I tend to carry excess weight around my thighs.

But you know what I’m my harshest critic, my husband doesn’t see all those things he just sees me and loves me. Sometimes I think we need to look at ourselves through the eyes of those that love us – I’m sure we would be a lot kinder to ourselves.

So when the lovely Anita from Sequins and Sands and Marcia from Capriosca Swimwear gifted me some beautiful swimwear it was the push I needed to be BOLD and do a swimwear post.

I went to visit Anita and Marcia at the Sequins and Sands Pop Up shop at 267 Hawthorne Road Hawthorne – if you are living in Brisbane and you need new swimwear then go for a visit you won’t be disappointed. They have an amazing selection that caters for women from a size 10 – 22.

Now finding the right swimwear that fit and make you feel confident isn’t always easy.

For me there are 3 things that I look for

  1. The first and most important factor for me is a swimwear that gives fabulous support and coverage to my 12 E boobs. I have big boobs there is no avoiding this so I want to make sure that they are properly catered for. This can be tricky as a lot of swimwear tend to just flatten the boobs and I end up with just one big rectangle boob (not attractive).
  2. Tummy support – for the wobbly bits, a pair that has a support panel is preferred.
  3. Not too high in the pant leg – the days of high legged pants are best left to my teenage years and the 80’s.

So armed with all this information Anita and Marcia knew exactly the right style for me – they actually have this whole other language that they talk in style numbers, quite amazing to see.

The picked two swimsuits for me to try on and the second one the Capriosca Swimwear Ruched One Piece was the perfect fit.

It ticked off all needs – it features a underwire top with wide adjustable straps that meant the boobs stay in place, a ruched tummy panel to flatten the tummy and mid rise legs to lengthen the leg rather than shorten them.

The other important but sometimes ignored factor when purchasing swimwear is look for colours suit your colouring. I tried on first up the blue and white version of this swimsuit (see below on the model) but even though I loved the colours I felt that warmer tones would suit me better.


So I choose the Capriosca Swimwear Majorca Ruched One Piece $149.00.

I sucked it up and posted a warts and all swimwear shot but when I’m not in the water I do like to add a wrap, this Ruby and Lilli Merlot Bamboo Scarf does the job perfectly.


I also have the tankini in the same print – the huge plus with a tankini is the ease of going to the toilet, pealing off a wet swimsuit to go to the toilet can be a bit of a pain.

Adding a pair of palazzo pants also works perfectly with the tankini, I love this look very holiday friendly and you could easily go out and about in this outfit comfortably.

Capriosca Swimwear Majorca Tankini Top $132.00 (I’m wearing a size 12) | Capriosca Swimwear Long Mesh Wrap Skirt in Black $39.00



Alternative colourway – Capriosca Swimwear Bohemian Luxe Ruched One Piece $149.00



Items were gifted to me for editorial consideration.

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  • Karen, what a wonderful post. You have covered off so many important factors about wearing swimwear and why it’s so important to just dive in. You look fabulous in these cossies and your #cossieconfidence is shining. Well done and thanks for taking that uncomfortable step forward and showing the way. Others will be inspired by this. If we just get one more woman in her cossies and feeling good about it, then it’s a wonderful thing I reckon’. Many thanks again. Anita. x

    • Thank you Anita – it definitely helped to post when I felt so good in the swimsuit. Thank you so much for your help I’m finding the right one. It’s quite liberating to post a swimsuit shot- I don’t think it will be my last

  • I really agree with you that we just have to choose which suit us the best, pop them on and stop worrying about body shape. You look great in yours and I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun playing in it this summer 🙂

    • Totally Johanna I think we give ourselves too much of a hard time – no one else is worrying what we look like in a swimsuit so why should we

  • It’s a great pattern Karen, nice choice!

  • What a babe you look in your cossie. You have styled it perfectly too xx

    • Thanks gorgeous – it helped that had such beautiful backdrops and they were a fabulous distraction to me in bathers 😜

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    Love the cozi – its gorgeous! You & I are similar, same age and same body type (though I’ve only had 2 kids!!) I bought a Capriosca cozi last year b4 we went to Italy loved it but unfortunately ripped it (don’t ask long story!) May have to invest in another for this season. Thanks for the post xx

    • Oh no to the ripped swimsuit -how frustrating! A new Swimsuit always make me feel it also helps with the confidence of getting in one for the first time after winter