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My gorgeous friend got married on the weekend in a beautiful bush setting.

Now before I talk about what I wore let me just for a moment talk about the romance of the setting.

I’m obsessed with lights and especially lights in trees, don’t ask me exactly why but whenever I go anywhere that has lights in trees I fall completely in love.

So imagine my utter delight when evening came and I gazed on the above tree with them lights and lanterns it was truly magnificent (just had to get hubby to my photo underneath it).

The groom worked so hard to create the most amazingly romantic setting for the wedding –  he was up in a cherry picker putting up all the lights and even made his own arbor to get married under (the morning of the wedding!!!).

Ok now back to the dress search, leading up to the wedding I spent many hours online looking for just the right dress.

I got really lucky with a gorgeous dress I had been dreaming of from Bohemian Traders went on sale for $60.00 (reduced from $189.00).  I had to snap it up straight away.

I always feel the most comfortable in a dress at a wedding – they just seem to feel a little bit dressier. I also wanted to find a dress for under $100. This used to be a hard task but nowadays there are a lot of affordable options out there.

As I had put in so much research over the last month I thought it would be a shame not to share some of my finds.

Being that the wedding was set in a bushland setting my criteria for the perfect dress was a little bit unique.

Even though it was formal dress code I wanted a dress that I could wear with boots. I started out in a pair of high heels for the ceremony – my heel did sink into the grass and I left a shoe stuck in the grass a couple of times.

After the ceremony the heels came off and on went the boots I could now comfortably walk on the grass without that sinking feeling. The feeling of relief and comfort was instantaneous.

My other criteria was that I wanted it to have a romantic feminine feel about it and would also work with tights and/or a blazer.

For me the Bohemian Traders Peachy Keen Josie Dress $60.00 was the perfect solution –

  • romantic and lovely soft peach colour
  • long sleeves (it has the most amazing sequin cuffs)
  • loose fitting (I needed this as the food was delicious and I may have over indulged)
  • perfect to wear with heels and boots
  • worked perfectly with my black blazer


My picks for dresses under $100 – I grouped them into black and navy dresses and then the lighter and brighter versions to give people colour options.


From left to right – St Frock Felicia Dress in Polka Dot Print $69.90 – now I know some people don’t like wearing black to a wedding, I actually don’t have an issue with it. My sister in law wore all black to my wedding (it was actually my dress that she wore) but if you are not keen on black this dress does come in a variety of colours and prints. | Little Party Dress Anika Navy Floral Dress $64.95 – this is also available in a pink print | Evie & Joy Kayla Wrap Dress $59.00 – 25% off until midnight 20/7/17 (gifted) | Frankie and Co Eclipse Frill Dress in Navy $89.00 – this looks fabulous with black tights as the model has worn it above.


From left to right – You Rock Style Nina Maxi Dress $79.95 | Feather and Noise Sunny Dress $79.00 | The White Owl Boutique Woodstock Dress $59.00 | Marks and Spencer Floral Print Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress $89.00

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  • I just knew the peachy colour would work amazingly on you! Super feminine and perfect for a wedding, I loved how you wore it with heels for the ceremony, then mixed it up with the boots and blazer combo for later.
    Fairy lights in trees are simply the most romantic thing ever, what a gem the groom is to make it look so special for his bride (and you 😂) xxx

    • The peachy dress was perfect and great for hiding my over eating – the food was amazing. The boots were definitely needed as the ground was a bit uneven, I did leave me shoes sticking out of the grass like a golf tee as I walked off bare footed.
      Fairy lights are my fav I have a tree at home I’m thinking of getting Rob to add lights to – he doesn’t know this yet but he will.

  • Susan Coleman

    Sounds like a fabulous wedding. Been many years since I’ve been to a wedding. My fav is the navy dress you are wearing in the first group. Good job on the researching and glad you ended up happy.

    • I think it goes through stages with weddings – for me it has been the kids weddings or friends who’s children are getting older and starting to get to the marrying age. This gorgeous friend is nearly 20 years younger than me and we meet through boot camp. It was a beautiful day