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So I have started a BLOG what next

I thought for my first offical blog post I would take a trip down memory lane with some of the outfits that I have posted on my IG page as part of  #everydaystyle. I think that in that first year I can see a confidence and evolution of my personal style

It’s amazing how taking regular outfit photos actually can help with your self-confidence rather than lessen it. I don’t own a full length mirror in my house so the only way to see if something was working was standing out the front of my house and trying to see my reflection in the windows – neighbours started giving me weird looks as sometimes I would go outside in a few different outfits each morning and just stand in front of the house windows. Now they give me weird looks when my awesome photographer (my handsome husband) and I go out the front and I strike a multitude of poses while he points and shoots. But by taking those daily photo’s I get to see what actually suits my shape. Sometimes outfits that I thought looked fabulous together when actually viewed full length actually doesn’t do me any favours. It has definitely helped to shop smarter as I now know what suits my body


1. My first outfit post on Instagram and the love of leopard (it has become a bit of an obsession) is there. As are the questions – Does this stance look ok? Am I sucking in my tummy enough?

Wearing: Witchery printed pants, FCUK vest and Sussan hat

2. My confidence had started to grow and I was experimenting with patterns and backdrops. Those same two questions were still being asked but I was happier with the outcomes

Wearing: a dress that I picked up from a boutique in Caloundra Qld.

3. One of my recent posts my personal style has grown to the point that I’m confident enough to join the drop crotch pants fan club. I have found a backdrop in my backyard that works for me and gives me privacy so that the neighbours can’t see me and my daily photo taking. I think they are slowly starting to look at me normally

Wearing: Bohemian Traders drop crotch pants, Witchery scarf and boots with Seed Heritage tee.

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