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I was thinking about what to blog about today – I’m battling a terrible case of hay-fever and headache which I’m very worried has turned into our cold, so the brain is very very fuzzy.

I was not feeling any inspiration and decided that this Sunday there would be no blog post, so I put on Pitch Perfect 2 and put my feet up and switched off.

As soon as I made that decision my brain must have felt like the pressure was off and the idea of writing about white jackets and my obsession with them popped in my head.

I have long mentioned on Instagram how I own quite a few white jackets. I decided to get them all together and actually count them.

I have more than I thought, 7 in total – 3 blazers, 2 jackets, 1 denim jacket and 1 long line sleeveless jacket. So I ask you when does it become a problem that you need to seek help for?

This collection has come from a varied places, some have been purchased full priced, a couple from DFO and then also a couple from eBay.

I don’t discriminate when it comes to buying clothes – I’m open to all the different options.


I believe a white jacket is a like a pair of denim jeans, every women should have one in their wardrobe – for me they are a wardrobe staple.

The versatility of the white jacket is fantastic, they work across all seasons. I wear them regularly in my #everydaystyle posts on Instagram, they help change the look of an outfit. I tend to use them the same as some people would use a cardigan and take them with me when I think that it may get cool. Being all white they go with the majority of my outfits – even all black (the contrast is gorgeous).

I know some of you will think that white is not a practical colour especially when you have small children. Now I won’t lie they sometimes only get one wear before washing but being all white stains can easily be removed with some bleach. I also don’t dry clean my blazers, even when its on the care label. Mainly because I don’t have the time or money to take them to the dry-cleaners. I find as long as I wash them on a gentle wash and hang on the clothes rack there is no need.

Below are just a couple of the ways I have recently worn white blazer/jacket/denim across many different occasions date night/wedding/picnic in the park/work.


As the warm weather starts to make its appearance white jackets still have their place. I would swap from one of my heavier blazers to a lighter unlined linen version (see below) as its much lighter and still has the similar look as the blazer without the weight. The one I’m wearing below was purchased a few years ago from Witchery and even though it wasn’t cheap, I see it as an investment as a well cut jacket last through the years.

To keep with the summer vibe I have added a pair of mid length white shorts and a rust coloured t-shirt (rust seems to be a popular colour this coming season and a great foil against white). To finish it off a fabulous pair of Cage gladiator flats from Famous Footwear – these were only $39.99 and are soft and extremely comfortable to wear.

I wasn’t quite sure if I could pull off the gladiator sandal look as I have short legs and was worried they may cut my legs off and make me look shorter. So when I feel unsure about something and I think it is a short term fad I will invest in a low cost version so that if I find I don’t like them I haven’t out-laid a lot of money.


The other option when the hot weather comes is a sleeveless white jacket – this way you still get the look and freshness of the white jacket but it is much cooler. I have kept the same tshirt and shorts on just changed the shoes from gladiator flats to a pair of tan leather heels. I would be more than happy to wear this out to dinner/to the movies/BBQ with friends.

Due to my feeling quite blah I have also accessorized with a pair of large sunglasses great for hiding puffy watery eyes – a large pair of sunglasses are always a girls best friend when not feeling 100%.


Below are a some LUXE and LESS options for white jackets currently online and in store.

LUXE OPTIONS – from left to right – top to bottom

Sussan White Blazer $169.95 | Surafina Blanc Relaxed Lapel Jacket $189.00 | Witchery Linen Blazer $189.95 (this is nearly an exact match for the one I’m wearing above) | Witchery Belted Gilet $179.95


LESS OPTIONS – from left to right – top to bottom

Katies Linen Blend Waterfall Jacket $69.95 |Katies Linen Blend Crop Jacket $69.95 | Suzanne Grae Linen Blend Blazer $79.95 | Suzanne Grae Linen Shirt Jacket $69.95


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  • fiona mcmurdo

    Just found your blog 🙂 I love my white jackets but have always struggled to know how to style them….so thankyou!

    • Welcome Fiona – I have added another couple of white jackets since I posted this, I’m just a sucker for the crisp white look. It’s been very hot here but the white linen blazer has started to come out again